123Loadboard.com Launches New Tool to Increase Posting Quality

123Loadboard.com has just released a website update that includes a tool to hide loads that have already been covered. This new tool is aimed at increasing load posting quality and member to member cooperation.

San Francisco, CA, July 18, 2010 --(PR.com)-- 123Loadboard.com™ (http://www.123loadboard.com), the freight matching service for the trucking industry, has just released a website update that includes a tool to hide loads that have already been covered.

Benefits of the New Hide Tool:
1/ Easily removes the expired load from a user’s results;
2/ Automatically notifies the 123Loadboard.com’s Quality Assurance Team (QAT) of the expired posting and allows them to remove it even before the broker or shipper sends an update;
3/ Automatically highlights the load as “Already Gone” for other members who view the same load;
4/ Increased Member to Member Cooperation;
5/ Increased load posting quality.

“Other freight matching websites have the hide functionality, but it’s usually very one-sided. Our new hide tool is interactive in that it allows members to help each other. It’s all about a community effort and cooperation to keep the loadboard quality as high as possible.” said Loarn Metzen, VP of 123Loadboard.com™.

For additional information about 123Loadboard.com’s new hide tool, please visit http://www.123loadboard.com.

About 123Loadboard.com™
Since 2003, 123Loadboard.com's freight matching services have been helping truckers increase their loaded miles, and brokers, shippers and manufacturers ship their freight effectively. Using the latest in advanced technologies, 123Loadboard.com™ always maintains the highest level of customer service while providing their members with real-time information on available loads and trucks throughout North America. For more information on their freight matching services, visit www.123Loadboard.com.

Ron Ash - Director of Marketing Communications