SavingsEclub Launches a Local Coupon and Email Program

SavingsEclub Saves you Money with Coupons from Local area businesses, available online and delivered directly to your email.

Columbus, OH, July 18, 2010 --( SavingsEclub has announced the launch of Several Sites nationally that connect local businesses to their communities through online coupons and bi-weekly emails.

Visitors who log onto the site can print local business coupons offering everything from restaurant discounts to free dog washes. Visitors can also sign up to receive a free bi-weekly email with exclusive offers, trivia and light-hearted stories.

"I wanted the SavingsEclub to be simple" said founder Dan DeMura "when people are looking for savings online they don't want to have to search through an online phone directory, they simply want coupons from their favorite local business. The site is easy to navigate, and the bi-weekly emails maximize the advantage of the program."

For Business owners the SavingsEclub Package Includes:
- Your own company page, giving you an additional online presence
- Online coupons that can be put in multiple categories
- Customer Loyalty Email Blast sent out Bi-Weekly
- Trackable statistics for coupon views and print outs

The SavingsEclub sites will offer Free listing for community programs and non-profits. "The community is at the heart of the service," said Dan " People want to save money, but of course they want to purchase and support their local business owners. We just hope our website and email program can be a tool to help consumers find good deals and coupons in their community and grow local Business."

SavingsEclub is currently developing in more than 20 areas, and is constantly looking to expand. Visit for more information.

Dan DeMura
Please email them for more information.