South Carolina Based Retail Location Analysis Company Has Solution for Country’s Retail Woes. Announces Launch of New Product to Help Economic Recovery: Retail Site Scan

Retail Site Scan USA allows a store owner to look at any address or intersection in the United States and know exactly which type of retail businesses would be financially successful in that location. More importantly, which retail business would not be successful in that location.

Summerville, SC, July 19, 2010 --( With the launch of its new product, Retail Site Scan USA, (MLUSA) makes it affordable for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-up retail companies to do what big companies have been doing for years; open a successful retail outlet in the most profitable location available.

According to company president, Tom Mitchell, "There are hidden business opportunities that have been created by the poor economy. These opportunities are here to stay, and the entrepreneurs and business people that find these hidden retail markets will generate millions of dollars in revenue.”

Mitchell, who is a licensed real estate agent and a Realtor, says his company is in a position to help the economy by putting the right retail store in the right location, anywhere in the United States. “Of course, it’s true that we also tell our clients which businesses not to open in a particular location as well.”

Mitchell goes on to say, “Our system will have consumers buying at stores that are in their neighborhoods, simply because what they want to buy is now close to where they live.” is currently working with a South Carolina based company, Aeonian Brick Homes, the 2010 Invention of the Year winner at the largest Invention Show in America, Inpex. Aeonian also won the Gold Medal for the Construction Category and a Gold Medal from the Malaysian Invention and Design Society. is negotiating with Aeonian Brick Homes to help locate future sites for brick manufacturing facilities across the United States.

In today’s climate of economic recovery, knowing where to open a business is as important as knowing where not to open a business. Retail Site Scan USA provides the information needed for business owners to make smart business decisions regarding the location of their retail outlets.

The sophisticated mapping software, plain English reports, graphs, summaries, analysis and recommendations, along with a detailed competitive analysis included in the Retail Site Scan USA report, are what’s required before the signing of any lease or rental agreement.

Mitchell says, “I feel the results of the Retail Site Scan USA report should be a requirement for all business and marketing plans that are going to be submitted to a lender or investor.”

The company used a few critical retail questions to guide them in developing Retail Site Scan USA:

Is this the most profitable location or simply the most convenient?
Where will the customers come from, how easy is it for them to get there, what is the size, shape and how many potential customers live in my primary and secondary trade areas?
Who is the competition, where are they located, what is their sales volume, who are the owners?
What is the most profitable merchandise mix for my trade area to meet local demand?
How much of a demand for my product actually exist, in dollars? believes the concept of the 3/50 Project, “saving the brick and mortars our nation is built on, developed by Cinda Baxter, Founder, The 3/50 Project” Retail Site Scan USA report adds to that by placing the right store in the right location.

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