Coffee Offers Many Health Benefits, Reports Keens Beans, Pensacola, FL, Sellers of Organic Coffee Beans of Costa Rica; Article is Posted on Website to Spread the Word

Keens Beans, an organic coffee bean supplier based in Costa Rica and Pensacola, FL, reports that scientific studies are coming out which prove the health benefits of coffee; a recent article on details many recent findings. Keens Beans has posted a link to the article on their website,, to help educate Americans about how healthy coffee is. Keens Beans sustainable organic coffee beans are shade grown in the mountains of Costa Rica and are 100% arabica beans.

Pensacola, FL, July 20, 2010 --( Keens Beans, an organic coffee bean roaster and supplier based in Costa Rica and Pensacola, FL, is helping to spread the word about healthy coffee drinking to Americans. According to an article on, coffee offers many positive health benefits to those who drink it. Keens Beans owner Rhonda Keen encourages American coffee drinkers to review the article, posted online at A link to the article can also be found at The article reports results from various studies that indicate moderate consumption of coffee can be good for one’s health. The antioxidants and other compounds found in coffee can help fight disease—regular coffee drinkers have a 39 percent reduced risk of head and neck cancer—and are also good for the brain. A study at the University of Lisbon found that drinking up to four cups of coffee over a long period of time can prevent the deterioration of memory associated with aging. Another study found that women who drank up to three cups of coffee a day reduced their cardiovascular disease risk by 24%. Coffee drinking also lowers the risk of stroke among women by 19%. In men, coffee consumption can lower the risk of aggressive prostate cancer by 60%. Both male and female coffee drinkers have a 41% lower risk of developing liver cancer.

“We know that coffee is delicious, and it works well as a pick-me-up or as a way to relax,” said Rhonda Keen, owner of Keens Beans organic coffee bean retailer, Pensacola, Florida. “But we are beginning to find out just how great coffee drinking can be for us. At Keens Beans, we are especially focused on healthy living and ensuring that the coffee beans we provide are as good for you as possible. The methods we use on our coffee farm in Costa Rica are 100% organic, both for growing and processing the coffee beans. Our coffee beans are shade-grown, which results in a more intense flavor and perhaps a greater concentration of antioxidants. We are proud to offer our organic coffee beans to coffee lovers throughout the United States who are interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and we encourage people to educate themselves about the health benefits of coffee. Many people are under the impression that coffee is bad for you, and that is simply not true, especially when you drink organic coffee that is grown and processed without chemicals.”

Keens Beans organic coffee beans provide a rich, smooth, superior coffee brew. All Keens Beans organic whole bean coffee contains 100% arabica beans. Keens Beans coffee beans are shade grown a farm in the mountains of Costa Rica, using certified organic farming and processing methods. Shade grown coffee takes longer to ripen, creating a more intense flavor. Buy coffee beans from Keens Beans and they will be roasted the day of the order, shipped directly from the coffee bean roaster in Pensacola, Florida. Keens Beans gourmet coffee beans come in three distinct roasts: American Roast, a medium roast; Full City Dark Roast, a more robust but still smooth roast; and Vienna Roast, which can substitute for espresso. Keens Beans also offers organic green coffee beans, organic coffee soap, organic coffee meat rub, and agave nectar. Coffee drinkers can buy whole coffee beans and other organic Costa Rican coffee products from Keens Beans via the website,, or at selected retailers in Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama, including Pensacola, Fairhope, Baldwin County, Escambia County, and Santa Rosa County. For more information, visit

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