Hypno-Freedom "Chakra Clearing" Audio Session Will Help Clear Your Mind

HypnoFreedom creates guided meditation sessions which are easily downloaded from www.hypno-freedom.com. This release discusses the benefits of the audio session entitled "Chakra Clearing."

Hillsboro, OR, December 15, 2006 --(PR.com)-- HypnoFreedom has released a new guided meditation audio session: "Chakra Clearing." All of Hypno-Freedom's hypnotherapy sessions contain suggested imagery and music which take you on a deep journey through your subconcious mind. Anchoring words and phrases can help you with the types of change that you wish to create in your life. This particular session creates balance through Chakra points. Chakra, the Sanskrit word for wheel, is a word used to describe an energy center or vortex. Various Eastern traditions attribute different numbers and locations of charkas within or around our bodies, but for our purpose, we will concentrate on the seven major chakras that most systems acknowledge.

Whenever you are feeling off balance, or you feel you can't make a clear decision, or you just feel you're in a general funk, you would benefit greatly from a chakra clearing. Many ancient cultures saw the need and benefit to do energy clearings such as this every single day. Kim will assist you through each chakra, beginning at the base or 1st chakra, and assists you in clearing out anything that does not resonate with you in the moment. You can do this clearing over and over again, and each time it will be a new experience!

Please visit http://www.hypno-freedom.com to experience this audio session and explore other sessions which will help you along your path as well!

Rebecca Sheldon
650 796-2970