Bud Industries Offers Design Guide for NEMA-Rated Electronic Enclosures

Bud’s 28-page “Enclosure Design Tips Handbook” is available free of charge to help electronic system designers select the most cost effective cabinet rack, server rack, NEMA box, or other electronics enclosures.

Cleveland, OH, July 21, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Bud Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electronic enclosures, offers a complete line of dust-tight enclosures and watertight enclosures that meet the requirements NEMA Standard 250, and other standards organizations. Bud offers NEMA boxes in materials ranging from aluminum and fiberglass to plastic and sheet metal. In addition, Bud supports its stock of NEMA boxes and custom-design products with application assistance that shows designers and engineers how to apply NEMA and other standards to their project.

Bud’s first line of support is its 28-page “Enclosure Design Tips Handbook”, available free of charge by visiting www.budind.com/request_designtips.shtm. The first section describe a dozen types of electronics enclosures, including cabinet racks, server racks, seismic racks, wall mount boxes, chassis, card racks, as well as small cabinets and boxes fabricated with metal and plastic materials. These include NEMA 4 enclosures, and those with NEMA 4X ratings.

Section 2 of the handbook describes typical accessories such as cooling fans, blowers, and temperature controls, plus power management items, shelves and drawers, and various types of hardware. This is followed by a discussion of materials and finishes in Section 3. Section 4 covers the basics of natural and forced convection cooling, with airflow equations for calculating a desired temperature reduction. Section 5 gives typical cabinet rack dimensions and tolerances, including standard vertical hole centers for 1U through 12U panel heights. That section also has a discussion on mounting rails and usable cabinet depths. Section 6 contains several tables that explain the various standards and ratings for electronic enclosures published by NEMA, UL, CSA, and IEC.

Section 6 helps engineers and designers answer questions such as:
- Do we need a specific enclosure rating or will a similar one without a rating be satisfactory?
- Where do we start in selecting from the long list of Bud products with NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, 12, 13 and IP65 ratings.
- Can we use a box with a lower level of protection – for instance, a NEMA 12 box instead of a NEMA 4 enclosure?
- Does the unit need a UL rating based on testing, or will Bud’s NEMA rating be sufficient?
- Should we use EMI/RFI shielding for individual components or purchase a product like Bud’s ANS Series of aluminum die-cast NEMA boxes with dual-channel gasketing that shields and seals everything inside.

It may be possible to save money by opting for a NEMA rating, which does not require the type of testing associated with a UL rating. Bud offers, for example, its SN Series NEMA-rated sheet-metal boxes. These boxes have continuous welded seams and a hinged cover that clamps to the base with stainless steel screws and brackets for a watertight seal. Bud sheet-metal boxes are suitable for use in a broad range of applications, including power supplies and industrial controls in wash-down, marine, outdoor or dirty environments. These NEMA boxes and NEMA cabinets are among the more than 2,500 products that Bud offers, more than 90 percent of which are available for same-day shipment.

To begin your electronics enclosure selection process, request Bud’s “Enclosure Design Tips Handbook” at online at www.budind.com/request_designtips.shtm. Then request the Bud full-line catalog at www.budind.com/request_catalog.shtml. Additional design support is available by contacting the Sales Department at 440-946-3200, by FAX at 440-951-4015, by email at saleseast@budind.com, or by visiting the Bud Website, http://www.budind.com/

Bud Industries
Andre Clayton