New Smartec B/W Camera for Cost-Efficient CCTV Systems

Tallinn, Estonia, July 22, 2010 --( The product line of Smartec CCTV products was supplemented by the monochrome STC-1000 CCTV camera designed for working in low low light. New CCTV camera produces sharp b/w image with 570 TV Lines at up to 0.08 lux of min. illumination, and also features AGC, external synchronization, gamma correction and backlight compensation. New b/w camera is supplied with a connector for AI controlled by video or DC-signal and can functionate using 24/220 V AC or 12 V DC power supply.

With the help of 1/3” SONY SuperHAD CCD with high resolution and interlaced scan, new b/w camera generates crisp b/w image with 570 TVL resolution at up to 0.08 lux of min. illumination. New b/w camera enables customer to utilize lenses of all modifications: manual or AI, fixed focal length, varifocal lenses or zoom lens. Backlight compensation function helps surveillance to form superior b/w video signal, even if the application is located on the bright light.

Unlike some analogues STC-1000 b/w camera "is not afraid" both strong light source and dimmed headlight. If CCTV system consists of many cameras with video displayed on one monitor, it should be synchronized with all the CCTV cameras on a single camera to prevent image scrolling when switching channels.

Both camera models utilize method of synchronization based on power supply frequency (Line Lock) that enables customer to provide Auto synchronization of b/w cameras connected to one phase. If the cameras are connected to versatile power sources, phase adjustment can be fulfilled through the screw adjustment on the back panel of camera.

In distinction from different analogues new camera is equipped with electronic iris, allowing customer to use cost-effective lens with manual iris rather than auto iris. Lenses with manual iris can be mounted on b/w cameras, operating outdoors where the dynamic range of the e-shutter is enough to check changes in street lightning conditions and there is no need to check b/w images depth of field.

New security b/w cameras are offered from stock by company dealers. For more information about this b/ camera and other Smartec equipment, please, send your request to or contact your Smartec dealers directly.

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