VitaNat: An Innovation for Bone and Cardiovascular Health

A new 100% whole natto ingredient is available from eminate Limited in the UK. Vitanat is a new, natural and non-extracted source of Vitamin K2. It contains menaquinone-7 (MK7), which has been associated with symptomatic relief of early onset menopause, heart health and even cancer protective properties. VitaNat is available to industry as an ingredient for food products or to consumers as a food supplement.

Nottingham, United Kingdom, July 21, 2010 --( The health benefits of natto are well known. Natto has been used for many hundreds of years as a staple food in the Japanese diet but until recently the active components of natto were unknown. Analytical tests have proven that natto is the richest natural source of vitamin K2 and clinical studies have shown dramatic health benefits when taken as part of the human diet.

VitaNat is not an extract. It is 100% whole natto, produced without the use of solvents, says Terry Young, VitaNat Division Manager, “we are using a traditional manufacturing process under controlled pharmaceutical conditions to ensure every batch is consistent and effective. Nothing added, nothing taken away.”

One famous clinical study, dubbed the “The Rotterdam Study,” analysed the diets of over 4800 Dutch people and concluded that an intake of 45mg/day of vitamin K2 (in the form of menaquinone-7) was “associated with prevention of coronary heart disease.” Prior to this study, work in Japan made a statistical link between consumption of natto, blood levels of Vitamin K2 and reduced hip fracture risk. Results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study found that the highest intakes of vitamin K2, but not vitamin K1, were associated with a reduced risk of both overall cancer and cancer mortality, with the latter reduced by about 30 per cent.

In October 2009, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) gave a positive opinion for the bone health claim associated with vitamin K, when it published this conclusion that “The panel concludes that a cause and effect relationship has been established between the dietary intake of vitamin K and the maintenance of normal bone.”

The importance of supplementing dietary intake of vitamin K2 is gaining increasing scientific support. For customers looking for a whole food approach to their supplements, VitaNat is the logical choice.

eminate have launched VitaNat Natural Natto Vitamin K2 as a retail brand, available through and are seeking overseas distributors for the finished product and active ingredient for foods and food supplements.

About eminate Limited, Nottingham, United Kingdom: A wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Nottingham, specializing in the development of advanced health and food products and technologies. All enquiries to Mr Terry Young, Division Manager - VitaNat Phone: +44 115 912 4370 or email Web

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