‘Imagine Being In A Life You Love’ Published by Imagine Being Press is an Amazon Bestseller

American business consultant Kristin Andress and international executive coach Jaqui Jeanes-Lowry co-authored the book - Imagine Being in a Life You Love - which is a bestseller on Amazon.com.

Solana Beach, CA, July 22, 2010 --(PR.com)-- At a time when people around the world are seeking opportunities to take control of their lives, the book Imagine Being In a Life You Love, a bestseller on Amazon, provides an invitation (and rally cry) for people to be the authors of their own lives. The readers of Imagine Being will find guidance for being:
- The cause of designing their life
- The opportunity maker in their life
- The reason for momentum in their life
- The energy responsible for their life
- The light that guides the way for others

Top business consultant Kristin Andress and British executive coach Jaqui Jeanes-Lowry co-authored the book to change perceptions of what is possible in a lifetime, and to help people handle the ‘PINGS’ in life – the setbacks we all face - as well as the “ah buts” we often create. They met while working with a shared acquaintance, developed a friendship, and eventually a vision for their simply structured, five-part book that provides an indispensable guide and practical plan to help people imagine and create a life that they will love. The two inspiring and successful women openly share how they have realized their personal and professional dreams and reveal the tools that helped them along the way. They detail their personal and intimate struggles, along with a myriad of other men and women’s stories, highlighting challenges everyone can relate to.

Imagine Being In a Life You Love also responds to a Gallup Poll indicating that though the United States is the richest country, its people are certainly not the happiest. And, a study in the United Kingdom indicates that 90% of British people are not happy in their lives. “Many of us want to define our purpose and intentions and do not know how to begin, let alone continue,” says Andress. “In Imagine Being we help readers who are struggling with this uncertainty to own the responsibility to cause the events, the situations, the opportunities, and the miraculous you wish to manifest in your life. After all, we are the creators of our catalysts, as well as our chaos.”

Jeanes-Lowry adds, “As human beings we fall off our daily commitments and actions and we need a structure to get back on - and back on. Imagine Being helps people to master the setbacks of life, and obtain leverage on themselves to overcome the ‘ah but’s and ‘if only’s. Then you must get on with it to create momentum, sustain it, and celebrate the successes. It is our wish that our readers create their life by design, not chance.”

The book includes a full workbook that readers can follow to create lives they desire, as well as a list of resources—including books and organizations—that can be used to enhance learning and development of networks.

The authors are creating a global community at www.imaginebeing.com where people from all over the world can share their stories of tragedy and triumph in order to encourage others to follow their dreams. A major concept of the book is being the light in the lives of others.

Imagine Being In a Life You Love is currently available at Amazon.com (and Amazon.co.uk) and www.ImagineBeing.com.

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Kristin Andress / Jaqui Jeanes