New From Buy American, Industrial Pumps and Submersible Pumps Buying Guide

The website that promotes U.S. manufacturers worldwide Buy American introduces its new directory of industrial pumps and pumping systems

Anaheim, CA, July 22, 2010 --( As the U.S. manufacturing industry begins to see a slight rebound in production and employment, companies such as Industrial Leaders, the publisher of Buy American believes the country still needs to focus more on promoting its domestic manufacturers. Today, Buy American officials announced the release of its new Industrial Pumps Directory featuring hundreds of US-based pump manufacturers and suppliers at The company said the site includes offerings for pumping systems, chemical, water, pneumatic, high pressure, piston, metering and a wide range of other pumps.

According to Buy American spokeswoman Kara Brown, the addition of over 30 manufacturers of pumps have been added to the site, several of them offering submersible pumps, concrete, diaphragm and electric water pumps at Ms. Brown said Buy American plans to include additional suppliers by the end of July offering a wider selection of pumping solutions such as ejector, slurry, dewatering, spray, sewer, siphon, compressor and suction pumps as well as gutter and ditch drainage, fluid, high pressure, special heating pump, custom-made and recirculating pumps for commercial, industrial, water treatment, irrigation/landscaping construction, metropolitan and other applications.

“Find the most suitable pump online for a specific application is not always easy and that's why Buy American created its new commercial and industrial pumps buying guide focusing on US-based manufacturers and distributors,” said Brown. She added, “Since 2003, Industrial Leaders (publisher of Buy American) has been offering all kinds of industrial supplies and equipment to the manufacturing community and it is pleased to introduce its new pumps and parts directory for those sourcing such items.” Ms. Brown went on to say the company will soon be introducing a new strategic partnership with an online industrial trade show to further promote suppliers presented on the site. Terms and details of the partnership were not revealed at this time.

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Buy American is a directory, blog and social networking site for the manufacturing community published by Industrial Leaders. The site provides information for engineers, plant maintenance professionals, facility coordinators and other buyers of industrial equipment, machines and supplies at

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