Baby Boomer Site Offers Free Real Estate Information and Advice

Baby Boomers who are facing foreclosure or are upside-down on their mortgage can now receive free real estate information and advice from

San Diego, CA, July 22, 2010 --( Pacifica Endeavors LLC announced today that it has added the capability for visitors to its website to seek free real estate information and advice. provides tips, advice and resources to Baby Boomers who are facing retirement on a limited income. Most Boomers have seen a sharp reduction in retirement savings and their home equity evaporate during the “Great Recession.”

“We are providing a free service to assist Boomers who are upside-down on their mortgages, facing foreclosure or wish to relocate to a less expensive area for retirement,” states Al Kernek, CEO of Pacifica Endeavors LLC, the site owners. “More than any segment of the country, Baby Boomers in their fifties and sixties have been hit hard by the recession, and many are facing unanticipated hardships due to the economy. There is no one helping them. If we can provide guidance through reliable information or referral to professional resources, we are pleased to do so.”

Millions of Baby Boomers coming up on retirement, including those who have lost their jobs, have seen their savings decimated and their home equity “nest egg” disappear. Boomers are making hard decisions about strategic defaults, short sales, foreclosures, loan modifications and bankruptcy – issues they never thought they would have to face at this stage of their lives. “It is often difficult for Boomers to ascertain their options and decide what is best for their unique circumstances,” notes Kernek. “Most have to do something, have to take some action in a worsening situation, and gaining access to reliable information is a first step in making an informed decision.”

Pacifica Endeavors LLC
Al Kernek