New Travel Monitoring & Security System Launched

Voyage Manager, one of the world's most effective travel monitoring and security tools, is now available to businesses.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, July 23, 2010 --( Accessible from any location by web, SMS and mobile phone, Voyage Manager is flexible, easy to use and a cost efficient platform for managing and monitoring employee travel.

Features include:

Automatic monitoring of trips from the moment they are entered into the system until they have been completed.

Keeping travellers and relevant parties informed at every stage of a trip.

Allowing security and HSE staff to look up who is travelling or who is at a specific location at any point in time.

Informing security managers immediately should a traveller not arrive at a destination or if the traveller sends an SOS to Voyage Manager. This allows security managers to activate emergency procedures at an early stage.

The founder of Voyage Manager, John Scott, said “As international businesses are more frequently requiring people to travel through potentially hazardous areas, we hope to help businesses to have the most efficient travel monitoring system, reducing travel risk, keeping employees safe and preventing problems before they escalate.”

Voyage Manager
John Scott
+44 207 193 7600