Bamberg Cathedral is Recreated in 3D

Now it is possible to see the amazing architecture of the Bamberg Cathedral in Germany and take a virtual tour through the central square of Bamberg from anywhere in the world.

Bamberg, Germany, July 23, 2010 --( 3DreamTeam Company announced the release of interactive 3D model of the Bamberg Cathedral.

The ancient German city of Bamberg is a twin city of Prague. These cities have much in common: gothic and baroque buildings in their centers, beautiful plazas, magnificent cathedrals - and now they are tied with something else. 3DreamTeam who has previously created the 3D model of the Old Town Square in Prague is presenting a new location - the main square of Bamberg.

Today the model is published on and anyone can download it free of charge and see the beauty of the Cathedral in details.

More than 2000 photos became the base of this project. 3DreamTeam has been creating a virtual copy of the square for over two months. Now it gives the opportunity to study the architecture of the Cathedral from all sides, as well as get detailed information provided by the video guide.

Vadim Naumov, head of the group of artists at the 3DreamTeam company, shares his impressions on the project: "I can confidently say - "it was made with pleasure." I tried to convey as accurately as possible, not only architecture, but also the atmosphere of the city – city's medieval quarters, unique Romanesque cathedral, a theater festival held in the open air patio in the decorations of the "old residences preserved from 16th century ..."

People call Bamberg the “German Rome,” because it stands on seven hills, just like the capital of Italy. The Rome which is a cradle of European culture has numerous museums, monasteries and churches, and Bamberg too can be proud of its heritage, well preserved since the Middle Ages. Of course, we cannot equate the scale of a small Bavarian town with the scale of Rome, but nevertheless Bamberg has the full right to be included in the list of World Cultural Heritage.

About 3DreamTeam
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About Vizerra
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Anastasia Enikeeva