Innovation Directâ„¢ Secures Advanced Level of Interest in 2 Inventions from Roster

Miami, FL, July 23, 2010 --( Innovation Direct™, a South Florida-based leader in the intellectual property licensing field for over a decade, has secured an advanced level of interest in 2 fitness-related inventions from its roster from a New York-based direct response company that is a part of Innovation Direct™'s Innovation Direct To Industry™ program. The company is also part of the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA).

The first of the two inventions garnering the company's attention is described as a revolutionary new exercising machine that will prompt dramatic weight loss for its users through its unique range of motion. One of the invention's main benefits is that it will not require the user to expend extraordinary amounts of energy and will also be simple to operate and user friendly.

The second concept is an item targeted specifically at those who enjoy weight training but are looking for an alternative to securing plates on a weight bar other than standard manual clamps. The product eliminates a common annoyance related to these clamps and allows the user to focus solely on his or her next lift.

"We are enthused by the fact that both of these inventions have been deemed worthy of a more detailed look by the company," commented Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™'s Director of Product Licensing. "We are hopeful that both will go on to long-term licensing success with this manufacturer, but only time will tell."

Both of the product ideas were selected out of a larger group of innovations that had been sent to the company by Innovation Direct™ through its Innovation Direct To Industry™ program, a process wherein manufacturers and marketers receive information on inventions from Innovation Direct™'s roster that are targeted towards their specific needs and criteria.

Innovation Direct™ will continue to follow up periodically with the company on these two inventions until a final determination on whether or not they will be interested in pursuing them further is made.

About Innovation Direct™: Miami, Florida-based Innovation Direct™ has been a leader in the field of new product licensing and intellectual property transfer for more than a decade.

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