Advanced Thermal Solutions Walking the International Four Days Marches in Nijmegen, Netherlands

The President of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., ATS, Dr. Kaveh Azar, and the company’s VP of Operations, Sharon Koss, are walking in the International Four Days Marches in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, to raise money for UNICEF.

Norwood, MA, July 23, 2010 --( A walking team from Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., comprising Dr. Kaveh Azar, President/CEO, Sharon Koss, VP of Operations, and Norbert Engelberts, Director of Netherlands-based ATS-Europe, is striding in the International Four Day Marches Nijmegen. As the largest marching event in the world, participants walk 160 kilometers in four days through the historic Dutch cities of Elst, Wijcen, Groesbeek and Cuijk. The ATS team has pledged to make a contribution to UNICEF based on the total kilometers they complete, and others can pledge donations online.

Today was Elst Day, or day one. Each day is named after the largest town that the walk travels through. Because of the current heat wave in the Netherlands, the start time was moved to 4am. Despite the scorching heat reaching into the high 90s, the ATS Team rallied and completed 50 k under the required time limit and advanced to participate in day two of the event.

While marching, the ATS employees teamed up with a group from the US military. The ATS Team and American soldiers swapped stories and shared the same excitement to be representing the United States. The Four Days Marches began as a military marching event in 1916, and military personnel from all over the world still participate to represent their country.

“At ATS, we believe that we have an environmental responsibility to our employees, customers and the general public”, said Dr. Kaveh Azar, President/CEO of ATS, “but our commitment also extends to support international humanitarian efforts.” For every kilometer the ATS team walks in the Four Days Marches, the company will donate money to UNICEF, supporting the belief that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress.

You can be part of the donating team by visiting the ATS Unicef Donation Page,

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Andrea Koss