Get A Haircut – Save a Beach

The Parlor at Del Sol Salon in Huntington Beach is donating hair from haircuts and clients to a group making hair-filled booms designed to keep spilled oil away from U.S. Gulf shores.

Huntington Beach, CA, July 24, 2010 --( Can your haircut really help protect the Gulf Shores from a massive oil slick? Yes It Can, Soak it up with Hair. The Parlor at Del Sol Salon in Huntington Beach has started a local campaign to help keep oil from reaching the US Gulf Shores. The Parlor Salon is collecting hair clippings from client haircuts and accepting donations from the community to send to to be made into hair booms and hair mats to help protect the U.S. Gulf Shores.

Human hair can get oily if you skip a few days of shampooing, and this link between human hair and oil has inspired salons and pet groomers from all over the world to save their hair clippings to help make a difference. The donated hair is made into hair booms, designed to soak up the spilled oil, are part of a unique defense against millions of gallons of oil that has spilled into our oceans and is headed to the US Gulf Shores. Hair booms are eminently renewable and absorbent, and have proven to be effective at sopping up oils including crude oil.

“We feel responsible to do our part in making a difference in making the world a better place for us all, when we learned about Matter of Trust, we knew we had access to their valuable resource needed to make these hair booms, so immediately we started sending off all our hair to help” says Lorraine Atwood, Owner of the Parlor at Del Sol Salon, “We are always looking for ways to make a positive difference not only in our community but also in our world.”

Matter of Trust, a San Francisco environmental charity first started collecting hair 10 years ago, using hair booms and mats to help deal with a series of small spills before a major push to clean up the Cosco Busan tanker spill in 2007. Volunteers are holding Boom-Construction parties where they train volunteers to construct these handmade hair booms by stuffing hair into nylons using PVC pipe and a broom or toilet plunger, removing pipe and tying at the top. These hair booms end up looking like a giant hair sausage. Once trained volunteers host their own Boom-B-Qs with their family and friends. For more information on Matter of Trust, visit them online at

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