Biometrics4all Introduces World’s Fastest 1,000ppi Fingerprint and Palmprint LiveScan System

Biometrics4ALL, Inc. introduced the world’s fastest 1,000ppi LiveScan system at the 2010 International Association of Identification (IAI) Annual Conference.

Tustin, CA, July 25, 2010 --( Biometrics4ALL and MorphoTrak (Safran Group) are the first two Cross Match Technologies, Inc., partners to incorporate its new L SCAN® 1000PX scanner which captures 1,000ppi images in less than 0.5 second. Biometrics4ALL’s unique approach to software development enabled the company to leverage the power of Windows 7 and the new multi-core Intel i7 processor to set a new standard in 1,000ppi Live Scan systems. Biometrics4ALL’s new system processes a full set of fingerprints and palmprint in under one and a half minutes, making it the fastest 1,000ppi LiveScan in the world.

Edward Chen, Biometrics4ALL President/CEO said, “We are extremely excited about the new 1000PX scanner from Cross Match; it sets a new performance level for other hardware manufacturers to follow. For the first time since the introduction of 1,000ppi scanners, I am advocating the use of 1,000ppi with LiveScans. Historically, 1,000ppi scanners were too slow for productive use, and images often came out worse than those processed by 500ppi scanners. However, the 1000PX changed all of that. Images are now clear and no longer suffer from hand movements while capturing. We are anxious to introduce this product to our prospective customers.” Edward further states, “We are very proud of our ability to build the most sophisticated LiveScan software in the industry that takes full advantage of hardware improvements from Cross Match, Microsoft, and Intel. The advancements we made with our software enabled us to make the 1000PX scanner perform faster than other vendors that integrated the same hardware. Feedback we received from industry’s experts at the IAI conference indicated that we have raised the bar, yet again, for the LiveScan software.”

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About Biometrics4ALL
Biometrics4ALL Incorporated is a leading multi-biometrics technology company. Biometrics4ALL provides innovative live scan and identity management technology specifically designed to enable government agencies, public service companies, and system integrators to provide applicant background checks; identify, book, and release criminals; and supply critical components to large ID management projects.

The company’s products include a full line of live scan solutions, central records management servers, and FBI certified printing software. Our transaction routing and management service provides an efficient and cost effective background check processing with submissions to the FBI channeling agencies such as the ABA, Army G2, DSS, NRC, NIGC, OPM, TSA, and all state agencies.

With our flexible business logic engine, multi-language support, broad range of biometrics capture devices, and a strong customer base, Biometrics4ALL successfully serves the law enforcement, government, financial, transportation, gaming, and ID management markets worldwide. All Biometrics4ALL products have FBI certifications and meet all applicable FBI, RCMP, FIPS201, NCIC and ANSI/NIST Standards.

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