Children and Teens Can Now Experience Relaxation Therapy on CDs to Manage Stress and Improve Self-Esteem

ShambalaKids offers a full line of relaxation therapy CDs for children and teens to manage stress, anxiety, sleep better at night and heighten self-esteem.

Metuchen, NJ, July 26, 2010 --( Children and teens struggling with anxieties, excessive worrying and dealing with difficulties now have a place to turn. Mellisa Dormoy, certified hypnotist, guided imagery facilitator and mother of two active boys has created a full line of calming meditation CDs for children. These bedtime relaxation CDs help children improve self-esteem, deal with stress and anxiety and teach calming techniques so parents and children alike can have calm, peaceful nights.

"What I have found most rewarding about the childrens’ CDs is the feedback I receive from parents, therapists, doctors and even the children themselves," said Mellisa Dormoy, CEO and Founder of ShambalaKIDS. "The CDs are really making a difference in how the children experience their world. The CDs calm kids and teens, and help them feel better about themselves. This is helping in all aspects of their lives. In a world where 69% of children under 10 experience sleep problems and 76% of school-aged children worry, we need tools like this in our parenting toolbox."

The CDs combine calming music with Mellisa’s soothing voice as she guides children through progressive relaxation of the body and mind and teaches tools for dealing with stress and increasing self esteem.

Dormoy is the founder and CEO of ShambalaKids. The relaxation CDs include 6 CDs designed specifically for children, 3 CDs for teens and a joyful parenting CD for adults. The CDs are available for download. Dormoy also co-hosts an online radio show called Unplugged Educators. You can find out more at


About Mellisa Dormoy - Mellisa Dormoy is the founder and creator of ShambalaKids – a line relaxation therapy CDs designed to help children and teens manage anxiety and stress, while promoting self-esteem and peacefulness. Her CDs are used by Psychologists, Teachers, Parents, Therapists and Doctors around the country to deal with childhood anxiety and stress issues. Visit for more information.
Mellisa Dormoy