Anti Aging Online Blog Analyzes All Choices to Fight Age Spots

Anti Aging Online, a blog about anti-aging products, informs readers about age spots and the many options available to fight them. The website,, gives concrete advice on how to fight mental, skin, and facial signs of aging, as well as warnings about potential treatment side effects.

Huntington Beach, CA, July 27, 2010 --( Anti Aging Online, a useful blog for finding effective treatment to combat aging, announced today its latest entry about age spots, or liver spots, as they are sometimes called. The blog,, has numerous entries concerning aging of the mind, face, and skin, while cautioning its readers about less effective and sometimes dangerous antiaging products and services. The latest entry provides an informative overview of what may help lessen age spots.

Sometimes as one ages, darker spots can appear on the arms, face, shoulders, and more. Our society calls them age spots and liver spots, though they have nothing to do with the liver. These spots, buildups of melanin, are signs of years of sun damage. Because they take years to appear, they take some time to treat, from days to weeks. Anti Aging Online writes about the treatment options, which range from the expensive yet effective laser treatment, which has a longer recovery time between sessions, to the less expensive but not as reliable over-the-counter creams and even home remedies.

Far from showing a bias towards one product, Anti Aging Online impartially details the advantages and disadvantages of each antiaging cream, antiaging drug, and antiaging supplement. When it comes to liver spots, some recommend household products such as lemon juice to help lighten the pigmentation of the spots. Others advertise their over-the-counter creams and lotions. Those containing hydroquinone, deoxyarbutin, glycolic acid or kojic acid are more helpful than others, the Anti Aging Online blog explains. Two products that seem to work over time, if applied in accordance with instructions, are Porcelana and Esoterica. They can fade the darkening of the spots with consistent usage.

The blog also explains that prescribed anti aging skin care products for these age spots usually simply contain higher levels of hydroquinone, and are often used with retinoids or steroids. Other medical methods to fight age spots include chemical peels, which removes the entire outer layer of skin in a given area, and thus can lead to damage if not done properly, cryotherapy that works best on large groups of spots, dermabrasion which can cause scarring but does help if done carefully, and the most costly method, laser therapy. The laser method is the most costly, and requires 3 to 6 weeks of healing time between treatments.

Anti Aging Online has once again delivered an excellent article for consumers looking for solutions to maintain their youthful appearance. The blog also covers much more than fighting age spots, such as which anti aging drugs, anti aging supplements, and anti aging skin care are the least and most helpful. Other topics posted on the website concern ways to reduce Alzheimer’s effects and maintain a smooth skin free of wrinkles. As the Baby Boomer population continues to enter their later years, more and more anti aging products will come to market, often leaving the consumer bewildered and sometimes wasting money in efforts to discover which product works best. Anti Aging Online’s blog,, is a useful tool for consumers interested in aging gracefully.

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