National Blended Families Organization Conducting Stepfamily Survey. The Bonded Family Polling Nationwide for Research on Current Dynamics in Blended Family Households.

The Bonded Family, a nationally recognized leader in blended family dynamics, is conducting a 40 day poll to update the latest trending on the challenges facing stepfamilies today. Dan & Rebecca Snell, founders of The Bonded Family, and hosts of Blended Family Today, ‘the first of its kind radio program’ for stepfamilies, will share results on air on an upcoming September program.

Leawood, KS, July 28, 2010 --( With over 20+ million blended family households today, and a divorce rate hovering above 60% for stepfamilies, the continued need for research and solutions is a task that The Bonded Family, a faith-based research and educational ministry, feels passionate and compelled to conduct for discovery, a national poll of blended families, to better serve this giant ‘under the radar’ demographic.

The Bonded Family, based in Kansas City, is conducting a nationwide, confidential survey of blended family households, and seek to find the updated list of the five top challenges facing stepfamily households today. The survey takes about 90 seconds to fill out online. No name or email address is required. Seven quick questions were developed to allow for a swift survey experience, one that will remain easy and appealing to fill out in the life of any hectic family. The online poll can be found on their website at:

“Sometimes stepfamilies feel alone, branded, broken and discouraged. We know that doesn’t have to be the case” noted Rebecca Snell, President of The Bonded Family. “Through greater understanding, awareness and education about blended family dynamics, we believe we can help change the trends in America for the better. Ours is a message with a faith foundation. The research and statistics prove that can be a true key in success in any family, particularly a family facing the diverse struggles that stepfamilies can face.” added Snell.

The Snell’s, 15 years in a blended family with six children, know the joys and trials of growing a stepfamily. With Rebecca bringing three children into the union, and Dan having two, then together having one of their own, they have discovered some wonderful success and indeed some giant mountains at times. In 2005 they began to research, conduct focus groups, study national reports, interview psychologists and leaders in family dynamics, all while building a structure that they might bring to bear to serve others in their circumstances.

This first poll is part of an ongoing 2010 survey process that will extend into 2011.

The Blended Family Survey can also be found at:

For more information about The Bonded Family, a ministry to blended families, visit : or contact them in Kansas City at 816-200-BOND (2663).

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