OZiL: Breaking the Confines of Traditional Phaco - Live Surgery Workshop at Hazari Nursing Home, Aurangabad

A live phaco surgery workshop was organised by Dr. Ajit Hazari at Hazari Nursing Home in Aurangabad on 25.07.2010. It was held under the aegis of Aurangabad Ophthalmological Association. Phaco surgery was done to demonstrate the features and advantages of OZiL technology over traditional longitudinal phaco. Surgery was done by Dr. Ajit Hazari, Dr. Wavikar and Dr. Shetye. Live surgery was followed by lectures.

Aurangabad, India, July 29, 2010 --(PR.com)-- A live Phaco cataract surgery workshop was held at Hazari Nursing Home, Samarth Nagar on 25.07.2010. The workshop called “Ozil: Breaking the confines of traditional phaco” was organized by Dr. Ajit Hazari under the aegis of Aurangabad Ophthalmological Association. The workshop highlighted the use of the revolutionary new phaco technology called Ozil which is much safer and faster than the current traditional phaco surgery that is available. In the workshop, Phaco surgery using Ozil technology was done on three patients by Dr. Ajit Hazari from Aurangabad, Dr. Wavikar from Thane and Dr. Shetye from Goa. Live telecast was done to Manmandir Hotel where the CME program was held. The workshop was attended by more than 65 ophthalmologists from Aurangabad and Ganapati Netralaya, Jalna. Prominent amongst the attendees were Dr. Kothule, Prof and Head at GMC and his team, Dr. Mishrikotkar from MGM and her team and most of the private practioners from Aurangabad.

Dr. Maria Sir, the senior most ophthalmologist in Aurangabad, was the chief guest of the Workshop. On the occasion of Guru Poornima, he was honoured and felicitated by Dr. Santosh Agarwal, The president of Aurangabad Ophthalmological Association and Dr. Sameer Deshpande, the secretary. Dr. Maria congratulated all the members of the executive committee and lauded their efforts in arranging the workshop. He also stressed the importance of holding such programs to improve and inculcate newer, safer technology in daily ophthalmic practice, thus resulting in better patient care.

The live surgery was followed by lectures by Dr. Wavikar on Toric IOL and by Dr. Shetye on aspheric, hydrophobic IOLs. Dr. Ajit Hazari spoke on the topic of Ozil: breaking the confines of traditional phaco. He highlighted the advantages of the revolutionary and path-breaking OZiL technology and how it differs from the traditional phaco technology.

Dr. Hazari said that the OZil technology has been available at Hazari Nursing Home for the last one year and he has seen a very significant difference it has made to his patients who have undergone phaco cataract surgery using this technology. He said that the world over, OZiL technology is the most widely and actively adopted new technology in the last two years and it is available at Hazari Nursing Home. He said modern cataract surgery technology is now available in Aurangabad and the citizens of our city need not think of going to any other city for any eye surgery.

In conclusion of the program, Dr. Hazari thanked The Aurangabad Ophthalmological Association team lead by Dr. Agarwal and Dr. Sameer Deshpande for their support in arranging the program and all the delegates for taking active part.

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