Adds 51 Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturers to Its Directory

The co-op industrial search portal IndustrialCOOP unveils its latest manufacturers of custom and OEM tanks made of metal and plastic

Denver, CO, July 30, 2010 --( The custom search directory for the manufacturing community, a division of Industrial Leaders announced today the launch of its new directory of plastic tanks and metal tanks for above ground and underground applications at The company reported in a Colorado press release the site includes offerings for stainless steel, aluminum, reinforced polyurethane, polyethylene and welded tanks for chemical, waste water, propane, gas storage, water treatment, diesel, gas, oil and bulk storage applications.

IndustrialCOOP spokesperson and marketing director Ronald Boyle said the company also publishes a US-focused directory of stainless steel tanks featuring over 200 manufacturers and suppliers of underground and above ground tanks at According to Boyle, an additional 51 customized, stock and OEM tank manufacturers has been added to the site since May of this year specializing in a wide variety of tanks, containers, vessels, silos and other solid, bulk and liquid storage systems for industrial, construction, agriculture, metropolitan, military, residential and other markets.

“ editors designed its new tank directory and marketplace to enable companies to compare plastic tanks and stainless steel tanks from various suppliers with emphasis on the United States,” said Boyle. He added, “Whether a company needs underground or above ground stainless, poly or carbon steel tanks for liquid, fuel, chemical, enviornmental, water, petroleum or dry storage, IndustrialCOOP can help them find a suitable manufacturer in the United States as well as 54 other countries.” Boyle went on to explain the site will soon feature online videos hosted on YouTube(r) demonstrating the uses of different plastic and steel tanks.”

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IndustrialCOOP is an extensive co-op search engine and stand alone industrial directory with offerings from national and international distributors, manufacturers and other suppliers of industrial goods and services. The site is utilized by global manufacturing and engineering professionals looking for various kinds of industrial supplies, equipment, materials, tools and machinery from suppliers in over 54 countries at

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