IntelliSemantic Released a New Version of IntelliPatent

IntelliSemantic released a new version of IntelliPatent. IntelliPatent is a tool designed to monitor and analyze patent information to support marketing and research activities. A good patent management can make the difference in a company success.

Torino, Italy, July 30, 2010 --( IntelliSemantic released on July 16 the new IntelliPatent version 4.5. IntelliPatent is an application designed to monitor and analyze patent information, that is useful to watch technological developments of competitors, potential partners, and technologies of interest for your enterprise. To implement such monitor and analysis it is not enough to use a large and good quality Patent Data Base; you need a specific tool, as IntelliPatent, in order to achieve good accuracy results and time savings. IntelliPatent cannot replace Patent consultants, that are necessary to apply for a new patent or to defend a patent; however it enables an effective use of patent information in Research & Development activities. It is appropriate to have a degree of autonomy by Research, who holds the specific knowledge of its enterprise. The information available in patent literature is very important even if a company owns a small number of patents, and this in order to analyze available technologies and their trends, for marketing and research support purposes. In fact it is estimated that about 80% of patent information is no available in other sources.

IntelliPatent 4.5 is improved in speed and efficiency because of its renewed architecture. Other improvements are in statistics functions and in extension of exported files formats.

IntelliSemantic was founded in 2005. It provides a portfolio of semantic search and classification engines for different markets and contexts. IntelliSemantic works also on custom projects on semantics and search engines.

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