Innovative iPhone App Targeting the Burgeoning Foreclosure Sector Launched. Enables Rapid Analysis and Flexible Negotiation.

Profitable Opportunities Acquiring Properties in Foreclosure Are Still Out There - But with Little Room for Error.

Carson City, NV, July 30, 2010 --( XOGEN, Inc., ( a California based mobile applications development company has announced the release of their iPhone application, Upside. Performing more like bonafide software than an “app,” Upside addresses a gap for real estate investment professionals involved in acquiring foreclosures and short-sales.

Todays housing market offers plenty of good opportunities for foreclosure investing, but with some caveats; record numbers of properties in default and foreclosure, paired with plummeting real estate values, frequently add up to slim equity margins. The successful investor has to be equipped with complete, accurate details regarding the value and obligations of a potential property. Since every case is unique it is also necessary to be creative when it comes to negotiation; there are a number of ways to strike a profitable deal. Upside offers that flexibility.

Upside’s clear and intuitive interface starts to function with minimal data. Often within minutes you can determine whether there is investment potential. If so it will guide you through the process of gathering all the detailed information needed to bring a transaction to completion.

Once in command of these numbers, Upside’s powerful Reports section takes over, presenting numerous options and the ability to look at those options from every angle. According to Kenn Johnston, XOGEN’s VP of Business, “Upside enables the investor to negotiate an acquisition with speed and flexibility previously unheard of. With a property in foreclosure this process often has to be completed in days or even hours. With active graphs, buttons and sliders you can manipulate the numbers to dynamically and confidently negotiate a win / win transaction.”

XOGEN, Inc. is a privately held company. The founding team are a talented group with past successes in major motion picture, technology and finance industries. They founded the company to produce the highest quality apps that have long term usefulness and deliver an outstanding user experience.

Upside is available as a free download allowing full functionality for one property at a time. For serious investors and real estate professionals the $49.99 paid upgrade allows listing and comparing unlimited prospects and holdings. Upside can be downloaded from the App Store. Detailed information and video tutorials can be found at

Brandon Davis