Groundbreaking Teleclass Will Help You Find Time for Creativity and Release Your Inner-Artist

Paula Eder, the Time Finder Expert, interviews artist, Ellene Breedlove Davis, in a groundbreaking free teleclass called Finding Time to Be Creative: Portrait of the Artist. More information:

Francestown, NH, July 31, 2010 --( Children know what it feels like to respect and nurture their need for creativity. For one, time is on their side and is not only wide open for learning, exploration, drawing, writing, and discovering the vastness of their imagination but is in fact how their time is meant to be spent. As we grow up and enter the world of work, responsibility, career, and daily upkeep, we seem to forget that creativity is not a luxury, but an essential aspect of a full and happy life. Now two renowned experts offer free, practical help to awaken buried creative aspirations and put artistic expression back on the schedule.

Paula Eder, Ph.D., time management expert and founder of Finding Time, LLC, teams up with artist and creativity coach, Ellene Breedlove Davis, to offer a free teleclass on Tuesday, August 10th at 7pm EST. For those who sign up at, the class will be available in mp3 format in case one misses the exact interview time – breaking the usual constraints of time and location for interested participants around the globe.

As the sixth class in her monthly Finding Time EducationRich and HeartBased Interview Teleseries, Eder’s latest interview expands on ways to spend one’s time in a meaningful, purposeful and now creatively fulfilling way. The premise of the class is that even though people may feel as though they don’t have enough time, peace of mind, or actual talent to pursue creativity, if they are not giving themselves full access to their creativity, it's like trying to drive a car that's not firing on all of its cylinders. By igniting creative inspiration and honoring one’s creative self one is actually able to be more successful, productive and satisfied in every area of life.

Davis is an artist of many years who uses the natural landscapes of her childhood as inspiration for her watercolor and oil paintings. She also offers classes and workshops to students across the U.S. both in-person and online.

Topics Eder and Davis will discuss include:

- Setting boundaries that nurture creativity
- Rituals to help awaken the inner muse
- Ways to stop thwarting and start supporting the creative spirit

In the teleclass, Finding Time to Be Creative: Portrait of the Artist, Eder and Davis draw on their years of experience and expertise to show those with buried creative aspirations how to make creativity and artistic expression an integral part of their lifestyle.

About The Speakers

Paula Eder is the founder of Finding Time, LLC and the creator of the HeartBased Time Management System. Known for her integrity, compassion, ability to solve problems, and her fervor for teaching and learning, Paula is fascinated with time and its ability to hold the most profound moments and the most mundane moments simultaneously. For more than thirty years, she has taught solopreneurs and small business owners how to successfully align their time choices with their life goals and core values. Her energy and insights help busy people to make authentic time choices that lead to business and academic success, personal growth, vibrant health, and positive life changes. Living on a working farm in rural New Hampshire, Paula is fundamentally connected to time through the vitality and resiliency of the seasons. More information can be found at or

Ellene Breedlove Davis, artist and creativity coach, spent her childhood living on a family farm in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Landscapes from her childhood inspire the romantic scenes she paints today in oils, watercolors and pastels. Rolling hills, distant mountains, garden patches and historic places are frequent subjects. Time spent studying under gifted teachers and participating in group workshops have encouraged Ellene to develop her unique style. Passing these gifts along, she now joyfully shares her knowledge and talents with student artists in classes and workshops, both "live" and online. Ellene has participated in group and solo shows through the South, and her work is in collections throughout the Eastern United States. Her boundless energy, engaging style, zest for creative pursuits and the artist's lifestyle are contagious and can’t help but motivate you as you fan the flames of your own creativity. For more information visit:

Finding Time, LLC
Paula Eder