New Consumer Spending Data Triggers to Optimize Coupon Strategy Towards Baby Boomers today confirmed it will optimize its coupon marketing strategy in order to hone in on consumers categorized as Baby Boomers with greater precision. The decision followed data released by The Nielsen Company earlier this season. The report shows that Baby Boomers represent 33% of all Internet and Social Media traffic but only 5% of the total advertising spending.

Baton Rouge, LA, July 31, 2010 --( In a press call today, CEO Joe McFerrin referred to new consumer spending report by analyst firm Nielsen as the base for a new focus for the coupon-site. The report spells out the nation’s 78 million Baby Boomers as responsible for 37% of the CPG dollar spend. Baby Boomers are categorized as individuals born between 1946 and 1964.

With only 5% of the advertising dollars spent today on the 35-64 age bracket, Baby Boomers are hugely under-advertised and a growing marketing opportunity. The number is a striking blow to the advertising industry which generally targets the 18-49 demographic.

Baby Boomers dominate the purchase of consumer packaged goods which includes groceries, fast moving consumer goods such as washing detergent and frozen food. As Boomers age and settle for retirement living, they will be increasingly receptive to value based marketing.

“Our research shows that Baby Boomers are spenders more likely to shop based on savings programs, cash-back savings and Coupons. And they are big online shoppers,” notes Joe McFerrin, CEO of

The numbers presented will redraw the map for many marketing and retail companies. “We are anticipating more retailers wanting to reach Baby Boomers with Coupons through 2010,” says Joe McFerrin. has re-engineered its site and Social Media profile so that it is now easier to publish, share and use Coupons. The ambition is to have a site specialized in current and accurate coupons.

“The market has spoken. While much of the advertising community is trying to push for edgy, expensive television spots and billboards, the consumers are looking for value and savings such as coupons,” adds McFerrin.

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