Diverging Trends in International Retail Trade

Hamburg, Germany, August 01, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Global retail trends vary widely. While a decline in revenue is expected in large markets such as Great Britain and the United States, revenue from emerging markets such as China is expected to increase in 2010. The latest “Global Retail Trends 2010” report compiled by Hamburg-based market research company yStats.com presents a detailed analysis of these trends:

The comprehensive yStats.com report highlights recent developments by taking multiple aspects into account. After a brief overview of general retail trends, the different forms of distribution are analyzed, amongst other convenience stores, department and discount stores. The report concludes with a thorough analysis of trends across product categories, including clothing, DIY and building supplies, as well as electronics and other categories.

Upswing in new markets, stagnation in traditional markets

The "Global Retail Trends 2010" study by yStats.com provides a detailed account of international retail trends:

- Consumer spending remains weak in the USA due to the difficult economic climate.
- While European retail was only slightly affected by the recession, it too will experience only moderate growth.
- In India, the upward trend observed since 2009 in segments including clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics and household appliances is expected to continue.
- Furthermore, department stores are becoming less popular in the major western markets, while in China they are expected to generate further growth for 2010.
- German discount stores will likely continue their aggressive growth strategy in Bulgaria. Australian supermarkets will also face increasing competition spurred by the growing number of discount stores and superstores.
- Food sales are expected to rise both in China and in India by an average of 13% per year. The yStats.com report shows how the large group of relatively affluent urban consumers has increasingly higher expectations, thus constituting the ideal target group for online food sales.
- British e-commerce grew as well in 2009 by 13%. German online shops had 15 million customers within the 12 months up until November 2009 in the category with the highest revenue, clothing/shoes.

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