Just Released - Cloud Computing Certification, Third Edition by the Art of Service

Technical certifications, the ticket to higher pay and more prestige, also keep IT Professionals employed. The trick is to get the one that will really help keep or land that job. Cloud computing certification is on the rise to fill that need.

Los Angeles, CA, August 03, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Cloud Computing Certification is one of the most in demand tech certifications in today's job market. According to Foote Partners' survey of more than 22,000 IT professionals, covering some 170 certifications, the most valuable certificates today settle mainly into two camps: architecture and security. Cloud Computing certification falls into the architecture category.

However, even with the numerous certification options available, website search trends on theartofservice.com reveal the most popular cloud computing certification choice among IT professionals—Cloud Computing foundation certification. New information now available explains reasons for this phenomenon and offers in depth information on the course featuring rich benefits.

Cloud computing foundation may be a surprising choice, especially with the array of certification options now available for IT Professionals. Ivanka Menken from The Art of Service says “Certifications play an important role in a tough hiring environment. When faced with two comparable candidates, a hiring manager can be swayed by a certification. The person who gets the job usually has the certification.”

The Art of Service gives three insights into why this may be the case:

- Having a stellar reputation never hurts, and The Art of Service is well known for the quality of its IT Certification programs, which tests candidates’ insights. Cloud Computing Certification is a truly challenging certification; it carries a lot more respect than others in the market.

- But the title wouldn’t go anywhere unless its skills were seen as marketable. And high-level Cloud Computing management skills may be more marketable than some might think. These days demand for a great Service/Architecture/Cloud Computing person outstrips the demand for general Microsoft administration skills. It’s highly recommended to look at Cloud Computing Certification with keen interest.

- This Study Guide and Online Course access provides complete, in-depth coverage of all exam objectives for the Cloud Computing Foundation exam in a systematic approach, so you can be confident you're getting the instruction you need.

For more information on the Cloud Computing Foundation Certification including its contents and exam, visit theartofservice.com.

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