Shanti Business School (SBS) - Launched by Chiripal Group

Shanti Business School (SBS) - an AICTE approved management institute, business school & MBA college, was launched on 30th July 2010. The inauguration was attended by top industry professionals, students, parents and the staff of SBS.

Ahmedabad, India, August 04, 2010 --( Shanti Business School (SBS) - an AICTE approved management institute, business school & MBA college, was launched on 30th July 2010. The inauguration was attended by top industry professionals, students, parents and the staff of SBS.

What makes SBS different from other business schools? Located on a sprawling lush green expanse of land, Shanti Business School is an AICTE approved world-class business management school/institute that creates a new generation of managers with greater corporate-readiness and employment skills. The SBS curriculum connects interest and coursework. The flexibility allows students to tailor their education to their particular interests from new perspectives. An amalgam of industry relevant academic like mergers and acquisitions, internet marketing, corporate governance etc and holistic life-skills education equip students with the requisite knowledge for successfully joining the corporate stream. It is not just an institute but a gymnasium of the mind and an educational laboratory to practice management and to train the students on traits of each industry, enabling them to standout from the crowd and make them the most sought after industry relevant corporate leaders who are adaptable to the changing social and economical world order in a global environment. They get to translate their knowledge into learning with a six-month long paid internship.

SBS wishes to attain its objectives through a methodology based on experimental learning. Cutting edge content aimed at specialization and the effective deployment of technology. Among the items included in the intelligent classrooms are an instructor's lectern that can control every aspect of the room's technology including video displays, sound, lighting, and content for the class. Interactive display screens allows the instructor to annotate areas and highlight points from anywhere in the classroom. Students can use wireless response devices, allowing them to quickly reply to questions posed by the instructor. To add a totality to the students persona, the Media Center surfs through global content ranging from great speeches to a matter of final taste and from the current news to music videos. This infotainment is re-streamed on all strategically placed visual devices for at least 12 hours a day. In short, the students will have access to global knowledge without traveling the world. In every walk of life, there are common desires most people have to be – liked, loved, admired, respected, recognized, listened to, and considered important. To achieve this goal, SBS conducts a series of workshops by experts to develop a self confident & magnetic personality.

Shanti Business School allows one to regularly interact with diverse disciplines that shape, multi-talented leadership potential. One rejoices the strong industry-academia bonding. One remain future-ready at a time when the Indian economy is gearing up to fresh challenges and exciting opportunities.

The Promoters: Chiripal Trust

The Chiripal Trust is a corporate citizenship initiative, set up by the Rs. 1500 crore Chiripal Group of Companies. Established in 1972 by Ved Prakash Chiripal, the Group has grown from a single power loom unit to the present multi-activity, multi-product textile house located at Ahmedabad, India and involved in Processing, Weaving, Knitting and Petrochemicals business.

The Promoters have set up the Shanti Educational Initiatives with an objective of providing first rate education in the country from KG to PG. The first initiative, Shanti Asiatic School, located at Ahmedabad has already began making waves with its novel learning methodology, which promotes a spirit of learning and exploration among students. Teachers in the school are seen as facilitators to the learning process, rather than mere providers of knowledge. Shanti Juniors is a national network of preschools which believe in celebrating childhood & molding young minds through the unique concept of I-cube learning ladder.

Shanti Business School (SBS)
Harneet Kaur Malhi