Tattoo Industry Might Just be the Big Ticket to Pull the Economy Out of the Dumpster with the Aid of a New Website,

Two Experts, Bob Baxter and Mary Gardner, do Their Part to Aid the Already Strained Wallets of the Consumer while Diminishing the Misconceptions Associated with the World of Tattoo.

Hood River, OR, August 04, 2010 --( More and more consumers are choosing to spend their disposable income on items that have longevity, the obvious choice being tattoos. Without the monthly maintenance required on something you keep in your driveway or the ever-changing technological advancements in cell phones or computers, tattoos are, by far, the only consumer product that’s going to stand the test of time. Tattoo Road Trip, created by Bob Baxter and Mary Gardner, serves as a significant resource for the tattoo community, by providing an outlet to the consumer without the newsstand price tag.

With over 30,000 tattoo shops in the U.S. alone and more than a quarter of a million men and women tattoo artists, tattooing in one of the world’s most vibrate and ever-increasing businesses. Upwards of 40 percent of the population over 18 is tattooed (equally men and women). Once reserved for those of unfavorable status, tattoos are emerging on the bodies of the professional elite.

The popularity of tattoos shows no signs of slowing down. Recently, Huffington Post listed “10 Surprisingly Recession Proof Industries.” Number 7 on the list was Tattooing. In addition, tattoo conventions (and there is one produced practically every week, somewhere in the world) provide an additional boost to the economy. Whether small scale or international, visitors flock to these events for the chance to receive and expose their art. This is a gigantic boost in the economy of local hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations.

Bob Baxter is an author, lecturer, media personality and, for over fourteen years, editor in chief of Skin&Ink magazine, a publication reaching nearly three million international readers per month. Baxter guided the publication to a Folio Magazine Editorial Excellence Award, making it America’s most respected and educational body art publication. He currently edits and writes the Daily Blog and a weekly, front-page blog, “Tattoo Chronicles,” for, an industry website receiving over 80 million hits a year.

Mary Gardner, a professional artist, musician, mother of two sons and director of advertising for Skin&Ink for over five years, is the driving force behind Seeing a need for the regional advertiser, especially those who are looking start or build their businesses, Gardner has created a website that connects readers with products in ways that appeal to the artistic and creative tattoo community, as well as those trying to participate in this vast marketplace. aims to be the ultimate website for the tattoo industry by including daily updates via “Baxter’s Blog” which promotes and exposes new and established artists who are making a contribution to the business. It also suggests referrals to tattoo shops, hotels and eateries within specific locations. And it hosts interviews with the leading contributors and provides reviews on up-and-coming artist. Readers are encouraged to interact with website by responding to polls, leaving feedback and submitting ideas.

With the dwindling economy showing few signs of growth and the tattoo industry showing no signs of slowing down, an excellent option is to join Tattoo Road Trip on the road to success.


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