Crystal Candle Shop Offering Reiki Distant Healing Sessions

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Gold Bar, WA, August 06, 2010 --( Crystal Candle Shop announces the addition of Reiki Distant Healing Sessions to their list of services offered. "We are excited about being able to add this service for our customers as so many are seeking healing on many levels," says Crystal Candle Shop staff.

Owner of Crystal Candle Shop, Shelley Lincoln, explains Reiki, "Reiki (Rei-Ki) is actually 2 words in the Japanese language translated as ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. Since Reiki is spiritual energy it can be channeled spiritually from the practitioner to the receiver no matter the distance. This is what we are offering here, a distant Reiki Healing Session."

When owner Shelley Lincoln was asked about the cost of a Reiki Distant Session, she explained, "According to the Reiki tradition, there must be an exchange, meaning a payment for the Reiki session. We have always accepted payment on a donation basis and will continue that here. Due to the website design we have to enter amounts. We have entered a list of donation amounts for this service and you can choose the amount you want to donate, starting at $5.00."

The staff and advisors of Crystal Candle shop includes experienced Reiki Masters, sweat lodge leaders, leaders of other Native ceremonies, counselors and many other resources to provide personalized answers and guidance to spiritual seekers on their path to enlightenment. “Our main objective is to always be of service to others,” says Ms. Lincoln.

Owner Shelley Lincoln (aka Mountain Water Woman) invites you to visit Crystal Candle Shop use the contact page to email questions you may have about Reiki or the Reiki Distant Healing. The staff loves to hear from readers and customers.

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Shelley Lincoln