Dr. Leigh-Davis, Popular Legal Analyst, Expounds on the Unprecedented 241 D.C. Teachers Fired; While a Guest on The Mel Robbins Show

Dr. Leigh-Davis, media personality and legal analyst, expresses her acquiescence with Chancellor Rhee’s firings, live on The Mel Robbins Show.

Los Angeles, CA, August 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Leigh-Davis was recently a legal expert on an episode of “The Mel Robbins Show,” which was focused on Washington, D.C. schools, Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s recent firing of 241 teachers, under a new evaluation system that holds teachers accountable for student test scores. Like Mel Robbins, Dr. Leigh-Davis is a retired attorney who hosts a talk radio show, which is called “The Real Deal.”

Dr. Leigh-Davis praised Chancellor Michelle Rhee for taking a tough stand and executing the unprecedented firing of 241 teachers. Dr. Leigh-Davis reasoned, “As Chancellor Rhee points out, we must do what is best for the children, even if it is not the most popular thing to do. Furthermore, if Chancellor Rhee successfully implements a better force of teachers, which produce higher test scores; we will see record firings repeated throughout the country.” Dr. Leigh-Davis went on to point out; the D.C. school system has been reported as being one of the worst in the country. (“Fixing D.C.’s Schools, a Washington Post Investigation” Washington Post, 2007; washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/metro/interactives/dcschools/#fullseries). “As an educator myself, I am not only concerned about D.C.’s failures with respect to other schools in the nation; I am seriously concerned about the failures in our nation’s education system, when compared to other countries, especially in the subjects of math and science,” Dr. Leigh-Davis elaborated. Although Dr. Leigh-Davis is an educator at the postgraduate level, she is actively involved as a volunteer in the fight to end illiteracy in the United States, as well as, the world.

In conclusion, Dr. Leigh-Davis joked, “Probably, Americans start out with a disadvantage in math and science, because we are still taught to use the antiquated Old English system of weights and measures. The fact that only drug dealers in the United States use the metric system, is bizarre and is a topic for another full one-hour radio show.”

Archived episodes of “The Mel Robbins Show” can be found on Mel Robbins’ website. http://www.melrobbins.com/radio-show/ Dr. Leigh-Davis appeared as a legal expert on “The Mel Robbins Show” on Tuesday, August 3, 2010.

In addition to being a full-time law professor at Yuin University; Dr. Leigh-Davis is a retired attorney and a popular media personality who frequently appears on top television news programs as a Legal Analyst and Legal Commentator. Dr. Leigh-Davis’ live radio show “The Real Deal” is on Blog Talk Radio every Wednesday at 10 P.M. Pacific Time.

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