Platinum Ridge Launches Website to Reveal Insider Information About Companies gives insider reviews on what it is like to work at a company

Aliso Viejo, CA, August 11, 2010 --( The site reviews what it is like to work at a company including revealing data about why people leave companies and what percentage were laid off. CubeCheck asks employees and former employees of companies for their experience working at a particular place. Employees are surveyed on several different areas including overall satisfaction working with the company, management styles, work-life balance, and office atmosphere.

CubeCheck is building a wiki-style database of company information such as branch locations, websites, stock symbols, and subsidiaries. All of this information is then aggregated and displayed for each company along with ratings, reviews, and comments by employees.

The site is creating a list of the best and worst places to work as well as providing information about benefits, salaries for each job title, satisfaction with discretionary bonuses, promotions and job security, and respect for employees at each individual company. Each company that is reviewed also has a forum that is automatically created allowing people to discuss any aspect of the company.

CubeCheck is also hoping to help employers not only create better places to work, but more productive companies as well. It lists the happiest branch locations of a company as well as data on how well equipped employees feel to do their job. This gives companies the ability to see how their employees view them. Founder Scott Griffis says, “CubeCheck will publicly reward the good companies and warn potential employees of the bad companies. It will not only help employees of the world, but it will also make for better companies. Happy workers are better workers. This site will promote beneficial practices in the workplace and spread these good ideas. It will allow companies to see where their major problems lie and what issues are bringing the most trouble to their staff. Companies will be able to poll the site to find their weaknesses and move toward improvement once they are identified.”

Scott Griffis, has big dreams for the site. He was quoted as saying, “This is a worldwide tool to review companies internationally. In countries with a lot of internet users such as China it could spur a movement for better work conditions and hopefully level the playing field for companies trying to keep their employees in the US.”

Scott has apparently learned from the recent privacy missteps of other sites, “I’m very concerned about confidentiality and keeping employees safe from backlash. Privacy and confidentiality is a very high priority for CubeCheck. I've set a goal to make sure our users are safe from retribution and I’m dedicated to continually working to make the site as safe as possible. It is an ongoing process to always find the best ways to increase the privacy of our users. It is always on my mind with every decision we make.”

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