Learnopia.com Launches "The Complete Online Learning Solution"

Learnopia.com is an online learning community that allows teachers, students and affiliates to collaborate. Teachers are able to create, host, and sell (or give away for free) their online courses. Students can easily find high quality learning materials and add a new skill for their career, or learn a new hobby. Affiliates can market premium courses and even earn a "lifetime" of extra income by just letting others know about our services.

Milton, Canada, August 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Learnopia Inc. has launched its online learning community that will actively connect teachers with online courses to students looking to further their education. This launch is a full-featured beta release that demonstrates the ease at which teachers will be able to publish their online courses, and students will be able to find those courses which will meet their educational needs. Learnopia Inc. will rely on its affiliate network, and aggressive online marketing efforts, to let potential students know about what courses Learnopia has to offer.

Free To Use
Learnopia.com will be free to use as a teacher. They will be able to create, manage, and deliver their content absolutely free of charge. Teachers have the option of either charging for courses, or having their enrollment completely free. Students will have the opportunity to enroll in these free courses, or purchase a course, many of which are very affordable, as low as $9.99.

Learnopia.com will have the tools for teachers to publish their online courses. They can use all types of multimedia including video, audio, Powerpoint, and pdfs. Teachers then have the option of either charging for the course or making enrollment free. Learnopia then actively looks for student for these courses. When a course sells, Learnopia does all the work, of taking payment, paying affiliates, enrolling the student in the course, and delivering the course to the student. Learnopia just takes a reasonable percentage for each course sold. The teacher just needs to be available to answer any questions students may have regarding their courses.

The Learnopia.com student, will be able to search through the available online courses, see course feedback, and select the course that meets their e-learning needs. Many of the online courses will be free of charge, and the others will be reasonably priced. Once enrolled students can view the course content immediately and can have discussions with teachers and fellow students about the course materials. Courses can be taken at the learners own pace, with the ability to review course materials.

Learnopia.com affiliate network is for everyone. Whether a potential affiliate has a web-site that reaches a lot of people throughout the world, or just know some friends that would like to take an online course, they should sign-up to be an affiliate on our growing network. Affiliates can earn up to 54% of each course that sells. With many courses in the $100 to $1000 price range, that translates into $54 to $540 for each sale. Not only can affiliates make money by selling to students, if they refer a teacher who signs up and starts selling courses, they can earn 2.5% of every course that teacher sells for their entire lifetime.

About Learnopia Inc.
Learnopia Inc. is run by a dedicated team of professionals with experience in establishing custom e-learning solutions for their clients. Learnopia.com is the platform which bring together teachers and students to “Share Knowledge”. Learnopia.com excels in bringing students to teachers, using its vast affiliate network. It is a one-stop shop for teacher, as Learnopia, helps in creating the course, then finds students, takes payment for the courses, pays affiliates, and then cuts the teacher a check on a monthly basis.

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Michael Koehler
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Learnopia Inc.
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