Back-to-School Season Spending Up 10.5%, Consumers Looking to Save According to today announced a vastly improved Back-to-School coupon program to help consumers save on purchases for the new school season. The announcement followed a report presented by American Express in August 2010 showing that the average U.S. family will spend $606.40 on Back-to-School related merchandise this season.

Baton Rouge, LA, August 10, 2010 --( In a press call today, CEO Joe McFerrin announced that will introduce more coupons and retail offers related to the Back-To-School merchandise compared over last year.

Based on new consumer data made available by American Express this month, the average American family is looking to spend 10.5% more this year on Back-To-School merchandise than last year, despite a slumping economy.

As with every year, clothing (88%), shoes (86%) and school supplies (85%) continue to represent the largest block of Back-To-School expenses. One third of American families have indicated that electronics are a must-have on this year’s shopping list.

“We’re seeing a significant increase in coupons requests related to calculators, cell phones, MP3 players, E-Readers/iPads and printers. We know this is directly related to the Back-To-School shopping season,” says Joe McFerrin.

The Back-To-School shopping season traditionally starts before the schools open. According to the study, 87% of American families anticipate to complete their purchases before the school season while the remaining 13% are holding off waiting for the best bargains, sales and coupons.

“One thing American families have in common is looking to stretch their dollars. 63% of the families look for coupons and that’s where aims to be a reliable shopping partner. We’re in business to help American families save,” notes Joe McFerrin.

In total, the Back-To-School shopping season is estimated to generate $21.35 billion this year. According to Compete ® consumers are saving $6 million every month downloading coupons from sites such as

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