Early Childhood Education at Risk Due to Recession - Ganeinu Takes on the Challenge

As families reassess their budgets during the recession, the importance of quality early childhood education must remain in focus. Long term benefits of quality education are invaluable. All avenues must be explored - assistance may be just a phone call away.

Jacksonville, FL, August 10, 2010 --(PR.com)-- As Floridians contend with the consequences of the current recession – families are being forced to take drastic spending cuts to make ends meet. Making matters worse, the latest news indicates an expected price increase for some basic food items (NYT 8/6/10).

Sadly, parents are being forced to remove their children from quality preschool programs as a result of the ongoing economic slump. Unlike elementary school, preschool is not funded by the State or Federal Governments across the board and can constitute a substantial financial burden.

To be sure, early childhood education is a most vital stage in the development of children. Early years set the stage for a child’s schooling and getting started on the right foot is critical for school readiness and success in the classroom. In fact recent studies highlight the lasting effects of quality early education and go so far as to analyze the income variance between children with and without quality early childhood education (NYT 7/28/10).

Rebbeca G., a Southside mom recently decided to pull her child from a local preschool in order to keep up with her mortgage payments. “I know that Preschool is important – but what are my choices?” she maintains.

In Jacksonville, Ganeinu Early Childhood Development Center is taking a pronged approach to assist families during this downturn:
- For the second consecutive year the preschool is postponing scheduled tuition hikes, resorting to fundraising to maintain the budget.
- The number of scholarships have been increased to accommodate more students.
- Providing VPK – state funded pre-kindergarten to all eligible children.
- Joined forces with the JCC (Jacksonville Children’s Commission) to provide highly subsidized tuition to Jacksonville children.

“We see it as a responsibility to advocate on behalf of early childhood education and to encourage and reassure parents to take the efforts, do the homework and make the rounds in search of quality education,” said Chana Novack, Director of Chabad’s Early Childhood Development Center. “We cannot allow our children to be the ultimate victims of the financial meltdown – find out what your options are and make the best decision you can with your child in mind.”

Ganeinu is Jacksonville’s premier Jewish preschool and is located online at www.ganeinu.com.

Need help paying for preschool? Don’t be shy. Ask your current preschool what they can do to help. Here are some helpful resources you may contact . . .

Jacksonville Children’s Commission
Early Learning Coalition of Duval
Episcopal Children’s Services

Ganeinu - Early Childhood Development Center
Chana Novack