DiscoverPad - iPad Trip Planning and Kiosks for Destination

Toronto, Canada, August 13, 2010 --( Discover Anywhere Mobile, the industry leader in bringing destinations to smartphones, is pleased to announce the latest mobile innovation for Destination Marketing Organizations and Convention & Visitor Bureaus – DiscoverPad.

DiscoverPad is the first application to bring a destination’s listings and events to the iPad. DiscoverPad provides visitors with powerful travel and itinerary planning tools that they can use from home and on the road. Not only for use by iPad owners, DiscoverPad also allows for the deployment of pre-loaded iPads as easy-to-use kiosks in visitor centers, hotels and other places tourists need quick and relevant information. Trip plans can be uploaded to the Internet, sent via email or transferred directly to an iPhone or other mobile device. The iPad kiosk solution is an order of magnitude more affordable than conventional solutions and offers the added advantages of familiarity, flexibility, ease of use, customization and scalability.

DiscoverPad, as with all Discover Anywhere Mobile applications, is built using the live data you’re using today – there’s no need to rebuild or re-enter your database. Discover Anywhere Mobile does everything needed to maintain your DiscoverPad application, including ensuring the data is always up-to-date. DiscoverPad is fully customized to your destination’s branding, making sure your message is always on target.

DiscoverPad features include:

Your complete events calendar
Your complete listings database, organized by Theme / Category
Viewing of listings and events on a map and in “detail mode”, showing contact information, listing details, a photo album, integrated videos
“Map locking” to explore what’s available in a particular neighbourhood
The “My Trip” organizer, allowing quick drag-and-drop planning for multi-day trips
“Send to iPhone”, allowing your visitor’s trip plans to be wirelessly transferred to their iPhones
“Upload My Trip”, to allow visitors to store their trips for sharing and printing – each trip getting it’s own web page with listing descriptions, Google Maps and contact information
“E-mail My Trip”, to allow people to mail their trip plans to their friends and also to provide opt-in capture email addresses for direct marketing
“Kiosk-mode”, for optimal deployment to hotels and visitors centers
Pre-planned trips, for getting your visitors started and to highlight exciting places in your destination
Discover Anywhere Mobile’s “no CMS” solution, absolutely minimizing the work your DMO needs to do to maintain your DiscoverPad (and other Discover Anywhere Mobile solutions)

How to get DiscoverPad
DiscoverPad will be available for all new and existing Discover Anywhere Mobile customers in September 2010. More information about DiscoverPad is available on Discover Anywhere Mobile’s website: Video demonstrations of the app are viewable on their YouTube channel: To find out more, contact them via email at or give them a call at 416-785-4425.

About Discover Anywhere Mobile
Discover Anywhere Mobile is a Toronto-based software and services company specializing in location-aware travel and tourism applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and the mobile web. Our applications will ensure that people are always connected to the information they need when they need it: events, conferences, shopping, accommodations, transportation, restaurants and more. We provide almost complete coverage across all Internet-ready smartphones and take full advantage of advanced features such as GPS-location, itinerary planning, social media tracking, “Share My Trip” with Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, event calendars, thematic listings, featured listings, search, slideshows, augmented reality and mapping to deliver a simple and compelling user experience.

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