Project Sales Corp Brings in Aqua Lube (Now Aquashield) Grease to India

Project Sales Corp, one of India's leading oilfield consumables distributors brings in Aquashield Grease to India

Visakhapatnam, India, August 13, 2010 --( Project Sales Corp is proud to introduce AquaShield marine grease, which provides long-term lubrication, and corrosion prevention. It is designed to seal out water and contaminants and is ideally suited for use on Seaplanes, Ground Support Equipment, Boats and Ships. AquaShield is ideal for lubricantion/corrosion prevention for fresh water or saltwater exposure.

Aquashield is a multi-purpose lubricant and sealant that is compounded specifically to cling to metal and “O” ring surfaces, provide long term lubrication, and rust protection. It is designed to seal out water and contaminants.

Aquashield is particularly effective on bearings, water pumps, “O” rings, gaskets, water filters, motors, and valves that must operate in hot or cold water, steam, pool chemicals, or salt water.

Aquashield has been successfully used in applications from boat trailers and seaplanes to steel mills. It is extremely effective in any application where bearings and gears are affected by wet conditions.

Performance Benefits
Excellent shear stability over long periods
Retains its consistency whether in use or at rest
Lubricates, seals, and prevents rust

Typical Characteristics
NLGI Grade 2
Worked Penetration @ 77°F 265 - 295
Soap Type Lithium
Dropping Point, °F 365 , Color Aqua

Great for use in:
- ROV / Manipulator arms
- Outboard engines
- Steel Foundries
- Marine Equipment
- Oil Fields
- Boiler Operations
- Air Conditioners
- Wheel Bearings

The product will be available in India in 8 oz tubes.

Project Sales Corp
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