Introducing PSC LoadGuider™ Hands-Off Safety Tool - Push/Pull Pole Safety Tool

India’s leading Hand Safety Specialist Company, Project Sales Corp introduces the new PSC LoadGuider™ Hands-Off Safety Tool - a robust fiberglass push/pull pole fitted with a nylon head to safely manoeuvre loads at all times, by keeping hands-off from a potential pinch and crush injury zone. - September 01, 2021

PSC Hands-Free Safety Tools Has a New Website

PSC is India's largest hands-free safety tools store that enables you to carry out tasks in the oilfield without getting your hands close to the pinch and crush points. This year, PSC has exported these safety tools to over 15 countries including Nigeria, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, USA, Burma, Canada, Denmark, Vietnam, Singapore, UAE and others. - June 08, 2019

Project Sales Corp Brings in Arexons Motorsil D Sealant Into India

Project Sales Corp, one of India leading importers and distributors for gasketing compounds used in compressors and turbines, introduces Arexons Motorsil D in India markets. - August 17, 2010

Project Sales Corp Brings in Aqua Lube (Now Aquashield) Grease to India

Project Sales Corp, one of India's leading oilfield consumables distributors brings in Aquashield Grease to India - August 13, 2010

Project Sales Corp Brings in Kong Gloves to India

Project Sales Corp, one of India's leading oilfield consumables distributor brings in stocks of Kong Gloves to India - June 30, 2010

5 Compound to Reduce Arcing and Flashovers on Insulators

Project Sales Corp extends distribution of 5 Compound to cover India markets. 5 Compound is a unique product to prevent arcing and flashovers on insulators and bushings. - March 16, 2010

New Birkosit Turbine Sealing Compound for 900 Deg C Temperature Resistance and 250 Bar Pressure Resistance

On 1 October 2009 the approval and innovation of product development for sealing compound BIRKOSIT - Dichtungskitt ® was effected. New technical management ratios are: temperature resistance up to 900 °C pressure resistance up to 250 bar. In close cooperation with Siemens Power Generation for the next generations of steam turbines class SGT and gas turbines class SGT. - October 26, 2009

The Crosby Store Now Opens in Kakinada, India

Sealinkers Pvt Limited, one of India's leading lifting tackles manufacturer and distributors now opens the The Crosby Store in Kakinada. Sealinkers Pvt Ltd, established in 1977, is one of the pioneer and leading manufacturers of lifting tackles in India. Additionally, Sealinkers is the Authorised... - April 21, 2009

Project Sales Corp Introduces Premium Thread Dopes for Oilfield Clients in India Markets

Project Sales Corp, one of India's leading oilfield consumables supplier now introduces the premium thread dopes from two leading brands - Jetlube and Bestolife Corporation. These thread dopes are used by all leading oil and gas companies including Transocean, Hercules Offshore, Great Offshore,... - March 19, 2009

Project Sales Corp, Visakhapatnam to Service the Oilfiled Consumables Requirements in KG Basin, India

With all international operators now working on various oil and gas finds in the KG Basin, near Kakinada, in India, Project Sales Corp looks forward to servicing the oilfield consumables requirements direct and through tier I suppliers in the region. - March 28, 2008

Project Sales Corp Introduces the Unique Turbine Sealing Compound, Birkosit Dichtungskitt in India Markets

Birkosit is a single-component, paste luting agent / sealing compound for steam and gas turbines, compressors, pumps, flange joints, etc. and is now introduced in India Markets by the leading MRO Solutions provider to the power generation markets, Project Sales Corp, Visakhapatnam. - March 03, 2008

Project Sales Corp to Introduce ExpaTen Bolts from SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG at INMEX 2007

SCHAAF is leading the way with ExpaTen bolts in order to revolutionize detachable flange connections of propulsion shafts of the shipbuilding industry. This new technology will now be displayed at the International Exhibition on Shipbuilding in Mumbai, India between October 3-5, 2007 - August 30, 2007

Project Sales Corp, Agents for Alloytic Co. Korea Introduce Alloytic's Titanium Carbide Guide Rollers to Steel Mills in India

Wire Rod Mills in India can now source cost-effective Titanium Carbide Guide Rollers directly from Alloytic Co. Ltd in Korea. Traditionally mill manufacturer's would supply these rolls as a part of their spare parts program. With Alloytic's India presence through an authorized agent, customers can... - November 16, 2006

Schaaf-GmbH Appoints Project Sales Corp as its Agent in India

Project Sales Corp, Visakhapatnam has been appointed as the agents for Schaaf GmbH Hydraulic High Pressure Tools in India. - September 13, 2006

Project Sales Corp's New Product Portfolio to Address Sponge Iron Industry's Lubrication Requirements

Project Sales Corp, authorized channel partners for Dow Corning introduces special lubricants formulated for the needs of the sponge iron industry. The product range is designed to handle the lubrication of critical equipments including large open gear drives, slip seals, motor bearings and continuous casters. - August 24, 2006

Project Sales Corp Completes Sylgard HVIC+ Project at 132/33 kv DGNP S/S Visakhapatnam

Project Sales Corp, Authorized Channel Partners and Applicators for Dow Corning Electrical Insulation Business recently completed the Sylgard HVIC + Coating project at DGNP S/S Visakhapatnam. Since late 1990’s, Dow Corning India has been working on mitigating contamination induced... - August 20, 2006

Project Sales Corp to Focus on Turbine MRO Markets

Project Sales Corp, importers and marketers of Hylomar, Stag and Hermetite Jointing Compounds that finds applications in the sealing of turbine joints in all power plants, now have decided to put their focus on the growing MRO (Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul) needs of the Turbine... - August 14, 2006

Project Sales Corp Brings Marston Domsel GmbH Hylomar in India

Hylomar, a product developed by Rolls Royce for use in their aircraft engines, and now manufactured by Marston Domsel GmbH is now available in India through Project Sales Corp. - August 08, 2006

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