New Heat Sensitive Potty Training Sticker Hits the Market Invents Toilet Stickers for Potty Training

Springfield, OH, August 13, 2010 --( Potty training can be the most frustrating job and parents have tried some pretty crazy things in order to potty train their children. So Scott Mancini and Andy Morse of, have invented a creative idea that will change potty training forever, and at a price that is “right on target.” Their unique heat sensitive potty training sticker gives kids a reason to Use the toilet and to Hit the toilet.

Scott Mancini, President of states: "Our stickers give the child an incentive to use the toilet. If they do, they are rewarded with immediate gratification as the sticker will reveal a fun design when urinated on." He adds: "Simply, they start out black, but reveal a fun picture when they come in contact with urine. Then they return to black for the next time duty calls." The stickers can last up to several months and hundreds of flushes in the toilet.

Jennifer Roush, Director of Sales & Marketing of relates: "Do you remember rushing your child to the bathroom every 10 minutes to try and catch them when they were ready to go? Does throwing cereal in the toilet, drawing pictures on toilet paper, and even having a potty party sound familiar? We have created the child's incentive and immediate reward for their using the toilet. That is a winning combination!" is actively seeking retail sales locations to carry this unique product. Visit The Heat Sensitive Potty Training Sticker for more information.

Jennifer Roush, Director of Sales & Marketing
(937) 450-3074

Jennifer Roush