Carpool and Transit Programs Take Aim at Consumer Waste and Traffic Congestion

Carpooling, vanpooling and transit offer South Florida commuters time saving, money saving and environmentally friendly commute alternatives.

Ft Lauderdale, FL, August 13, 2010 --( With traffic congestion a growing concern and consumer budgetary and environmental consciousness at an all-time high, South Florida Commuter Services is promoting carpooling, vanpooling and taking transit to work. As issues of time, costs and carbon footprints continue to concern commuters, South Florida Commuter Services reminds area residents of the quick, economical and greener alternatives to driving alone.

A recent study by the U.S. Census Bureau found that the average South Floridian spends 56 minutes daily commuting, this is amongst the longest in the nation. However, in this statistic South Florida Commuter Services sees an opportunity for local commuters. With timely transit options, as well as carpool matching and vanpool programs, commuters have alternatives that can help alleviate congestion as frustration over traffic grows. As an added incentive registered carpools of 3+ people, hybrid vehicles and South Florida vanpools enjoy free use of the I-95 express lanes.

As the impact of the current economic recession grows, the cost effectiveness of alternative commuting options extends well beyond toll discounts. 79% of South Floridians drive to work alone, absorbing the nearly $7000 worth of annual driving costs (accounting for gas, maintenance, tolls, etc.). Carpools allow commuters to cut this number in half by sharing the ride with just one person, and even further by carpooling with 2 or more people. In addition, vanpools vastly decrease the mileage put on personally owned vehicles, greatly reducing maintenance costs from the daily commute. Many transit riders are also able to reduce costs by encouraging their employers to enroll in corporate discount programs or subsidize transit costs, or by taking advantage of student or senior discounts.

Consumers are also more environmentally conscious than ever, and as the American Public Transportation Association found in a recent study, cars account for 55% of the average household’s carbon footprint. South Florida Commuter Services’ programs strive to reduce the number of cars on the road, which in turn helps to reduce smog and greenhouse gasses in the Miami-Dade area. New initiatives such as hybrid and bio-diesel powered buses, as well as solar powered bus shelters, offer consumers numerous ways to commute in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Those interested in learning more about the benefits of carpooling, vanpooling and taking transit to work should contact South Florida Commuter Services by phone at 1-800-234-RIDE or online at The website also features a carpool matching system, which helps commuters find potential carpool partners in their area, as well as instructions on registering a carpool or how to get started with a vanpool.


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South Florida Commuter Services was originally conceived in 1988 as the South Florida Commuter Assistance Program, a public information office during the I-95 extension project. It has since evolved into a one-stop information source for commuters, with the goal of improving traffic conditions by promoting alternatives to drive-alone commuting. For more information, including rideshare, mass transit route information and various commuter questions South Florida Commuter Services can be reached by phone at 1-800-234-RIDE or online at
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