Safeharbor Asset Management Included in the 2010 Financial Advisor Top RIA Ranking

Safeharbor Asset Management has been included in the 2010 Financial Advisor Top RIA Ranking. This is a coveted honor and a true testament of the firm's accomplishment and success this past year. The basis for the ranking is asset based and is not based on performance.

Huntington, NY, August 15, 2010 --( In 1982 Stephen K. Davis, CEO of Safeharbor Asset Management, entered the financial planning industry and began providing a broad array of investment vehicles to serve his client’s needs. In 1989, Safe Harbor Capital Corp. was formed to provide fee based planning and investment advice to clients needing more sophisticated services. The name was changed to Safeharbor Asset Management in 1995. Safeharbor Asset Management offers Fee-Based Investment Advice, 401(K) Fiduciary Advice – Plan and Participant Level, Retirement, Estate, Insurance and Education Planning, along with Cash Flow and Tax Reduction Strategies.

Utilizing the concepts of Modern Portfolio Theory, Safeharbor Asset Management has been able to reduce portfolio volatility through efficient allocation of portfolio assets among statistically optimized asset classes; while focusing on minimization of cost by using ETF's (Electronically Traded Index Funds) which offer low cost, low turnover and asset class specific funds.

For more information on the Safeharbor Asset Management Global Asset Allocation Strategy and audited performance history, please visit their website at:

Safeharbor Asset Management
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