New Home Feed Adoption Rate Ahead of Projections

San Francisco, CA, August 15, 2010 --( Alexandria Grote Phillips, CFO of Graphic Language, the agency powering New Home Feed, announced today that adoption of New Home Feed has outpaced projections. In presenting the new revenue numbers to the agency’s shareholders, Phillips announced the additional revenue would be used to enhance existing marketing efforts by increasing the spend with targeted publications and websites popular with the builder and real estate sales and marketing community.

Phillips says she is pleased and encouraged with the results, though not surprised. “Our team has worked very hard over the past year to listen to what builders need to sell homes online, then to build a tool based on the feedback received.” Phillips agrees most builders are promoting communities across multiple websites, and focuses on how New Home Feed offers an “easier path” to promoting communities. Because New Home Feed demonstrably simplifies the process of gaining online exposure across the nation’s top real estate network, Phillips says, “New Home Feed helps builders be more efficient in fulfilling their obligation to sell homes, so it really is not too surprising to see New Home Feed adoption exceeding projections.”

The New Home Feed executive team believes that while New Home Feed adoption rates are encouraging, a key challenge is reaching prospects during an economic downturn where budgets are limited.

New Home Feed sales and marketing efforts to date have been based on traditional email marketing and what marketing vice-president Robert O’Shaughnessy calls, “old-fashioned cold calls and networking.” The revenue resulting from user adoption means an opportunity to increase product awareness. O’Shaughnessy adds, “A top listing site recently referred to us a builder currently selling more than 50 communities. Our new client began using New Home Feed, and he quickly commented on how much time he is saving now that he doesn’t have to update his listings on multiple sites. But then he said, ‘my only complaint is: why haven’t I heard of you?’ So that’s what we plan to work on next – making sure our value proposition reaches the builders who will benefit from New Home Feed.”

New Home Feed was launched on July 1, 2010 after a series of focus groups and consultants provided feedback on delivering the ideal user experience for the target market of home builder sales and marketing professionals. The official launch followed a three month limited enrollment where select users enjoyed free access to New Home Feed in exchange for their frank feedback.

New Home Feed offers home builders one dashboard with which to manage all listed homes for sale across multiple websites. The New Home Feed network includes a core network of listing sites, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, video sites like YouTube, and a classified network. A variety of popular fee-based websites are also available to New Home Feed users at an additional fee.

New Home Feed is based on monthly license fees, which begin at $99 per month. Interested parties, and listing websites interested in joining the New Home Feed network, may register for more information at

About New Home Feed
New Home Feed makes it easy to list homes for sale, manage inventory of homes for sale, and sell homes. New Home Feed users get robust, intuitive, easy-to-understand reports that provide users tips and advice on getting the most out of web marketing efforts.

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Graphic Language is an award-winning interactive design, online marketing, and web applications agency located in the SOMA district of San Francisco. Having carved a niche in the real estate sector in the mid 1990’s, the company brings a vast knowledge and diverse expertise to home builders, real estate professionals, custom-home builders, manufactures and more. In 2009, Graphic Language partnered with a team of seasoned real estate investors to build and launch New Home Feed. Find out more about Graphic Language at

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