IT Project Blog Announces Webinar on the Project Management Triple Constraint

Upcoming webinar on the "triple constraint" or the project management triangle (cost, scope, and time) gives details on how to maximize requirements while maintaining a set budget and schedule.

Nashua, NH, August 16, 2010 --( The IT Project Blog (, a free site with advice and resources for project managers, seems to be raising the bar for blogs in this category by adding even more templates, guest articles, downloadable tools, and videos each week. Now, in addition to these free resources, the blog provides detailed webinars for their project management following...and basically anyone else that registers for the events.

In June, the blog hosted their first webinar, which described how to implement a post-project lessons learned process. According to Gabrielle Guerrera, who promotes the blog and its webinars, the event was a huge success. “The attendees were very active: they were involved throughout the presentation and participated in a lively Q&A afterwards,” she stated. “It was exciting for us to have not only a great turnout but also participants who provided great questions and feedback.” (To see the recording of this webinar, just visit the IT Project Blog.)

Next on the list is a webinar on the “triple constraint” (also known as the project management triangle): time, cost, and scope. This webinar will take place on September 8th at 2pm EST and will dish out tips on how to maximize budget dollars while maintaining scope and time commitments. It will also go over how to optimize your project plan, identify “nice-to-haves”, weed out redundancies, and more. Anyone can take part in this webinar; you just have to register ( All US attendees will receive $1000 off their next IT project with NuWave Technologies, the owner of the IT Project Blog.

This triple constraint webinar, like the previous one, will be presented by the blog's head author. Kathlika Thomas has over a decade of business analysis and project management experience, most of which was at Accenture (one of the “big five” consulting firms). There, she managed numerous international projects and achieved a high success rate with both domestic and international projects. In her spare time, Kathlika has also developed a number of workshops and training programs related to business analysis, business intelligence and project management.

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