Varazo Releases Analytics-Based Bidding Feature for ClickSweeper PPC Management Software

Silicon Valley based SEM company Varazo announces a new analytics-based feature for its PPC management software ClickSweeper. The feature imports time on site, bounce, and conversion data and uses it to automatically adjust and optimize individual keyword bids on a daily basis. Among PPC software solutions, ClickSweeper is unique in combining analytics data with full, out-of-the-box automation.

Santa Clara, CA, August 17, 2010 --( Varazo, Inc., a search engine marketing company based in the Silicon Valley, is pleased to announce the release of a new analytics-based feature for its automated pay per click (PPC) bidding software ClickSweeper. Designed for advertisers, this feature uses relevant data from Google Analytics to improve campaign and keyword performance. ClickSweeper is the first PPC software to combine Analytics data with its fully automated features.

For most PPC advertisers, Google Analytics is an important but problematic source of information on their PPC campaigns. Filtering out, integrating, and acting on relevant analytics data takes time and expertise. ClickSweeper's feature takes the work out of incorporating Analytics data by importing the most important indicators of keyword quality - time on site, conversion rate, and bounce rate data - and using them to evaluate quality and update individual bids. Since automatic bid updates are based on the same criteria an experienced account manager would use, the analytics-based bidding feature can save an account manager hours of work or provide newer advertisers with affordable expertise.

With its ready-to-use default settings and options for customization, ClickSweeper's analytics-based feature is unique in the industry for its accessibility to all PPC advertisers as well as the level to which it takes intelligent automation.

Varazo developed ClickSweeper in 2004 to streamline and automate pay per click account management. ClickSweeper now offers a full range of industry-leading PPC tools, including sophisticated automated bidding strategies, ad copy testing and editing, and cross-engine copying features.

Varazo, Inc.
James Lee