Sportsgear411.Com Makes Product Line Change to Match Consumer Demand annouces product line change to match consumer demand and to capitalize on evolving sports, heath, and fitness industry at large.

Washougal, WA, December 23, 2006 --( is proud to announce a product line change to the health and fitness industry. An industry site for sports gear and memorabilia for many years, the change comes in light of overwhelming demand for home gym equipment - treadmills, elliptical trainers etc. CEO and founder K. Wukawitz has recently commented, "The change is was made in light of our customers demands. After launching the health and fitness line last summer, the positive response received basically forced us to look once again at our core business model. Making the switch from sports gear into fitness and home gym equipment was simply a reaction to the customers wants and needs. We're simply giving them what they want to see." has been in online business for several years now. Originally focusing on the sports gear and the sports memorabilia market, the change in product base comes as no surprise as many internet sites are now adjusting their content and focusing on more "niche" areas. According to Wukawitz, "responding to customer feedback has been our primary means of success over the years." He also notes that he plans on expanding the site by providing comprehensive treadmill reviews, elliptical trainer reviews, consumer feedback, and more. Wukawitz says the main goal he hopes to achieve with the website is to educate the customers. "Buying a treadmill can cost as much as buying a small used car. You wouldn't by a car from just anyone and not without researching the facts, I'm hoping to extend this same type of buyer knowledge for the fitness consumer," Wukawitz states.

Whether is able to take the fitness industry by storm remains to be seen, but what is known is that success is showing its first signs of sprouting for the company. Since the product line switch, sales are up nearly 30 percent and with the model of educating the consumer on fitness equipment, it's sure to help revenue grow in the future. Look for more changes to the site in upcoming weeks as the product line is increased and more customer service oriented features are launched.

Kyle Wukawitz