Community and E-Store Launched

Beijing, China, August 19, 2010 --( Today launched the first community fully dedicated to bicycles in Beijing. The community facilitates trade of second hand two wheelers, a bicycle question forum, and the latest information about Beijing’s bicycle rules and regulations. The website also features an online shop where the newest electric bikes, scooters, motorcycles and regular bicycles can be purchased. The website additionally has translation features which gives all expatriates living in Beijing the means to take full advantage of BikesBeijing’s features.

After a few months of hard work is finally ready. The website aims to be the focal point for all bike related matters, for foreigners living in Beijing. Everyone who has a look BikesBeijing, will conclude that the website fully fulfills this purpose.

The website features a community platform where people can buy and sell their second hand bikes, ask questions, and learn about the rules and regulations regarding bicycles in Beijing. Furthermore BikesBeijing allows users to make own (private) groups. “This means that users have a platform to quickly set up bicycle plans with their friends, start fan groups, and do all other things that come to mind,” says R. Capel, owner of BikesBeijing. The community breaks the language barrier between different expat groups by offering translation tools throughout the website. “It gives people the unique option to post topics in their native language, while keeping the multinational audience.”

E-Store also has an online shop where people can select and buy a bike on the spot. This is the first online store in its kind that is easily accessible for expatriates living in Beijing. Furthermore, “it gives people the opportunity to skip the hassle of bargaining and more importantly, they can avoid paying too much,” says Capel. BikesBeijing has a Beijing wide delivery service for only 80 yuan. Unfortunately it is not possible to pay by credit card or your own overseas bank at this time. This option will presumably be added later on.

BikesBeijing is not out to to gain high profits on the products it offers according to Capel. The primary goal is to provide “a topic specific, one-stop platform” which is easy to use and effective. BikesBeijing will only make money through advertisements. In this way we put the people first, and then the profit. BikesBeijing is the first in a series of topic specific websites soon to be launched. Whether this kind of websites will be successful only future will tell. One thing is sure however, BikesBeijing packs a lot of potential.

Ralf Capel