Jin Kyu Robertson Shares Her Inspiring Bouncing Back Story from Abject Poverty in Korea to Earning a Harvard PhD with Donna Marie Thompson PhD, CEO of Goals in Action LLC

Washington, DC, August 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Jin Kyu Robertson shared her inspiring bouncing back story as she overcame poverty and a very difficult upbringing in Korea - to later retire from the US Army and earn a PhD from Harvard - with Donna Marie Thompson, PhD, the CEO of Goals in Action, LLC.

Robertson's roots could have limited her, stopped her in her tracks. But they didn't. Her perseverance in the face of overwhelming challenges is a call to action for others facing serious life challenges themselves.

From her humble beginnings in Korea, Robertson knew that life had more to offer. She emigrated to the US speaking little English with only $100 in her pocket to work as a housemaid. But it was a start in the land of unlimited opportunity for Robertson.

She worked for years and then was a victim of domestic violence and had to flee her marriage with a young daughter. As a single mother, the challenges grew. Amazingly, Robertson joined the US Army and later went on to retire at the rank of a major.

Robertson continues to achieve at the highest level. She graduated from Harvard with a PhD. So tracing that back -- the story goes from living in poverty in Korea, to working as a housemaid, to being a victim of domestic violence, to retiring as a US Army major, then earning a Harvard PhD. Truly, a story like no other.

Now her mission is to help others. Robertson is a highly acclaimed speaker and is credited with changing the lives of thousands in Korea. Robertson is a best-selling author in Korea and her book is in the process of being translated into English for distribution in the US and Canada.

Robertson also shared breakthroughs that were achieved by her followers when they learned to view the world differently - through her inspiration. Robertson emphasized that "..it is important to give thanks for the gifts in your life and to find your dream."


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