ThermaPod Declares Take Your Lunch to Work Day in August

Monday August 31st 2010 has been declared the first annual "Take Your Lunch to Work Day" by ThermaPod as a way to bring issues such as overeating, overspending and obesity to the forefront.

Aurora, ON, Canada, August 20, 2010 --( ThermaPod, a division of Axiom Group Inc of Aurora, Ontario has declared Monday August 31st 2010 to be the first annual Take Your Lunch to Work Day.

“Taking your lunch to work is a great first step to living not only a greener and more sustainable life, but also is a great way to save money,” says ThermaPod public relations representative Patrick Francone. “This is an excellent opportunity for people to start getting into the habit of packing a lunch, and to learn how delicious and nutritious a homemade meal can be.”

The average fast food meal costs between $8 and $12 at most leading fast food outlets, and can be even more expensive at independent or higher end restaurants. Wherever you eat out the costs can really add up, both financially and on your health. “Most people can save approximately $50 a week by taking a lunch every day, compare that to a one time cost of about $30 for a ThermaPod Mini lunchbox and about $2 for each homemade meal,” Mr. Francone says. “Also, with obesity related deaths skyrocketing, now is the time that all people must learn to do away with fast food and other unhealthy foods that are high in cholesterol and fat.”

This event has a Facebook event page set up where people can pledge to participate in the event wherever they are that day - just search “Take Your Lunch to Work Day” on the social networking site. This event should bring awareness to many of the man made problems plaguing our society today such as overeating, overspending and obesity.

Patrick Francone
1-905-727-2878 x137
twitter: @thermapod