Specialty e-Tailer MusicGearFast.com is Focused on a Return to Customer Service

Kansas City, MO, August 20, 2010 --(PR.com)-- In today’s world of anonymous ecommerce sites and overseas call centers, a lot of retailers have forgotten what real customer service is.

If you are old enough to remember the days of the “Mom & Pop” shop, then you know what real customer service can be. While almost all online retailers offer some sort of customer service after your purchase, very few focus on providing excellent customer service on the front end. Some e-tailers even include a return-shipping label in the original order because they expect you to return it. While that might be convenient for returns, most consumers would rather make the right purchase the first time.

New musical accessory retailer MusicGearFast.com is one company focused on helping its customers make the right purchase the first time. By focusing on providing high quality product demonstration videoes that accurately portray the products they are selling, Music Gear Fast is taking some of the guess work out of what can be a disappointing experience for a lot of musicians. Since they are primarily focused on selling boutique and hard to find guitar effects and pedals, they realized early on that a lot of their customers may have never seen or heard some of the products they sell.

In order to provide the customer a method to see and hear examples each of the guitar effects they sell, MusicGearFast.com is compiling a video library of the products on their site. Each video is designed to show what the item can do. Most video’s range from 2 to 3 minutes and are recorded using a “Twin” style amplifier and the cameras microphone. No fancy recording techniques, studio trickery, or over the top production techniques.

If the current trend is any sign, consumers can expect to see more companies focusing on providing better customer service on the front end of the sale, not just making it easier to return a purchase.


Ray Arnoult